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Take the Burns Depression Test and find out if you are feeling depressed. This test is from my Brief Mood Survey. It’s reliability is roughly 95%, and it’s used by therapists around the world to evaluate depression severity and track therapeutic progress.

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Learn how to use CBT to end your battle with depression and anxiety


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Feeling Great – The Revolutionary New Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Scheduled for release on September 15, 2020, Feeling Great the first true sequel to Feeling Good. Feeling Great includes all the new TEAM-CBT techniques that can melt away therapeutic resistance and open the door to ultra-rapid recovery from depression and anxiety. It also includes updates on all the CBT techniques I first described in Feeling Good.

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Success Stories

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you. 20 years ago (when I was only 15!) I found Feeling Good at my local bookstore and brought it home with me. I’ve carried it with me EVERYWHERE I’ve moved (and I’ve moved a lot!) — because it literally changed my life. And it continues to ground me and bring me comfort/relief whenever I have an anxiety or depression relapse.
Recently, I discovered your podcast. What a thrill ! I love to put it on after a long day and learn about your new techniques, behind-the-scenes vignettes, and enjoy your humor and humility. What a GIFT you have given so many people for so, so many years.
Thank you, thank you !!
Amy Maloof

I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I feel to have found David’s training group. Once I became licensed, I began searching for training opportunities because I knew I still had a lot to learn, but I had no idea how much my life would improve by attending the TEAM training groups.
Not only has my professional life improved dramatically, but the skills David teaches have also improved my personal life as well. I am forever grateful to David for being so generous with his time and there’s no place I’d rather be then learning from him!
Alisha Beale

My name is Huyen 20 years old girl living in Vietnam.
Thank you so much, your book is like magical happen to my life. I luckily buy it in the time I am in a depression with the faith that I’m gonna be cured although that time I almost committed suicide.
I was feel healed, cured, filled after I read your book. I understood my pains my thoughts and most of it I found hope that from now on, I’m not alone to fight with this. I have your book with me. Something that I know for sure will lead my life out of the dark.
I love psychologist too since I was a kid after watching my mom suffer depression once in her life. But then, later on, I have to go through that too, but you really inspired me to expose it, keep learning what I love and help other people too.
Thank you so much for the great things you have done to this world!
Huyen Thanh Nguyen

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