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I cannot say enough good things about this book. I am an academic researcher in psychology, and someone who has experienced depression myself. I have read every single book Dr. Burns has written, but this one is by far the best. Whether you are new to Dr. Burns’s work or a long-time devotee, you will find tremendous value and life-changing techniques here. I truly believe this will cure your depression and bring greater joy and happiness into your life. His work has expanded to include wonderful help for habits and addictions.


This deserves to set off another revolution in treatment by setting CBT within a more elaborated methodology that overcomes resistance, allows for the value of negative emotions, empowers readers/patients, and cures depression even more effectively. I’ll be coming back to this book for a long time.


This book is more helpful than other CBT books because of its unique emphasis on reframing negative emotions as manifestations of the most positive and wonderful things about you. For example, if you are depressed about not getting along with a family member, this shows that you deeply care about your relationship with them. in fact, what would it say about you if you didn’t feel upset about conflict? It would mean that you didn’t care. Or, if you get anxious about an upcoming talk, it means you really have high standards and want to do a great job. Not being anxious might mean you don’t prepare properly. Then it uses powerful tools to dial down these emotions to an appropriate level. Clear, powerful—a game changer.


I have been struggling for the last 6 months with depression. I came across David Burns’s book two weeks ago and I implemented some of his techniques and I can honestly say that my depression has greatly eased. I had moderate depression and now it’s almost gone. In two weeks, that is unbelievable for me because everything online says it will take months of medication and therapy and I was feeling quite hopelessness about my situation. This book also works on anxiety, addictions, and relationships. I would highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with their mental health or anyone who isn’t feeling a considerable amount of happiness in their life.


The latest book from David Burns, MD, my favorite author, will transform the way you think and feel. Unlike other self-help books, which provide shallow and vacuous advice, David approaches the topic of personal transformation from a practitioner’s and scientist’s point of view. His framework and methods have been well tested and validated in his 50,000 hours of clinical work and extensive research.

The premise is simple. You FEEL the way you think. Your negative emotions are the results of your thoughts and not external events. David will provide you with powerful tools and methods to crush those negative thoughts and turn your life around.

One of the book’s highlights is the introduction of assessment of resistance, arguably one of the most important developments in psychotherapy in recent times. David will show you how to reduce resistance to change by revealing what’s incredible and positive about your negative thoughts and feelings. Once this resistance is reduced, it will become incredibly easy to transform the way you think.

In addition to personal transformation, the section on relationships will show you how to develop intimate and rewarding relationships with anyone you want. David’s relationship framework, Empathy, Assertiveness, Respect (EAR) is incredibly powerful, effective, and well-researched.

Whether you want to transform your personal life or your interpersonal life, this is the best book you will ever read.


Dr. Burns has done it again. For people who have read Feeling Good this is the time to feel great. This current work of his goes into his TEAM-CBT approach, and with many case examples he demonstrates how it is done. The therapy has become shorter but more comprehensive. TEAM-CBT addresses hidden agendas and counters them in therapy and then creates an atmosphere for the patient to more fully participate in his/her therapy work. This is a book for clients and therapists alike. There are discussions on cognitive distortions, approach to self, reframing, relapse prevention, etc. A quote I liked was, “When you no longer have to be special, life becomes special.” Go ahead and buy it. Worthwhile investment!


This book is absolutely wonderful. I got to know about this work through the Feeling Good podcast and this book is a beautifully written text encompassing many of the ideas, concepts, and live therapies we hear in the podcast.

A central thrust of the book is in addressing how patients resist change when working towards alleviating their symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as relationship problems and addictions. The TEAM approach is absolutely ingenious(!) if somewhat counter-intuitive: Dr. Burns shows us how depression and anxiety show wonderful things about us which paradoxically allows patients to let go of their resistance, allowing them to recover.

I love several aspects of Feeling Great and the TEAM approach. Firstly, it is highly systematic and scientifically-formulated. The formulation of TEAM is evidence-based and data-driven, there is even a guest chapter written by a neuroscientist (Mark Noble) who explains insights into the neuroscience behind TEAM. On the other hand, Feeling Great is also a deeply spiritual book too, examining some philosophical aspects (such as the notion of “self” and “the death of the ego”). It is full of the most beautiful, moving anecdotes from the Feeling Good podcast where you can listen to the actual therapy sessions and see for yourself how patients rapidly recover. The book is written so empathically and with immense compassion. And although Feeling Great has both scientific and philosophical aspects, it is not stuffy or academic, but highly practical—encapsulating all the methods, distortions, and positive re-framing notes in a single, fantastic resource.

I could not recommend this book highly enough—it is superb!


I loved this book. It has original ideas that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Thank you, Dr. Burns, even though it’s been a long wait!


Dr. Burns’s Feeling Good book literally saved my life when I found it back in 1986 as a college student. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I had never found it.

In the years since, I have carried my original dog-eared paperback copy everywhere, using it for tune-ups whenever I needed it, and bought just about everything else Dr. Burns has ever written. However, although certain distorted thought patterns (mostly related to low self-esteem) disappeared for me almost literally overnight when I first read the book and were easy to defeat whenever they threatened to sneak back, with some other patterns I felt eternally stuck. I’m still a perfectionist, I still procrastinate, I still feel the urge to make everyone else happy even when it makes me exhausted. I would do the original exercises, and they would help a bit, but never like the old breakthrough.

The tools in this new book have given me hope for the first time in years that I can get unstuck in those few areas I’ve never been able to successfully address. Positive reframing offers a tool to analyze where you might be feeling resistance and how you can overcome that resistance. The dizzying array of techniques and the charts to help choose which techniques may be especially effective for distortions have given me a lot more ammunition to tackle stubborn negative thoughts that don’t respond to a first attempt.

I have a lot of work to do on myself but during what is probably the worst year of our lives for many of us, this book is yet again a lifesaver. If you struggle with any form of depression or anxiety, you owe yourself a chance to feel much, much better.

BTW: I bought the Kindle version first but I’m going to order the hardback as well because it is that good. Nothing wrong with the Kindle version, sometimes you just want a physical book to hold.


David Burns is a lifesaver. The addition of TEAM therapy taught in Feeling Great and further implemented into his initial groundbreaking work is outstanding. We’re lucky to have Dr. Burns and his work in this world; especially in times like these. Thank you, Dr. Burns!


Dr. Burns is an excellent writer, so I decided to give this new book a try. This book was a joy to read; the more I read, the more I wanted to read. This book is filled with ways to change your thinking, so you will feel better.


It’s very compelling and has truly beneficial techniques in overcoming depression or anxiety. Great reading and very practical and useful for anyone who needs some emotional fine-tuning. And who doesn’t need that?!


This book is super helpful. It was recommended to me by a therapist.

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