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If you are a mental health professional, these resources will help you develop more satisfying and effective psychotherapy skills.

Therapist’s Toolkit: State-of-the-Art-Treatment and Assessment Tools for the Mental Health Professional 

You’ll love the Therapist’s Toolkit, and you can’t beat the price. This kit includes paper and digital versions of a wide variety of treatment and assessment tools that will enhance and professionalize your practice, including the Daily Mood Log, the Brief Mood Survey, Evaluation of Therapy Session, Recovery Circle, and hundreds more. These tools will increase your understanding of your patients and boost your clinical effectiveness. I have developed these tools with collaboration from many talented colleagues, and I require all therapists training in T.E.A.M. therapy to purchase and use this kit.

Purchase includes a lifetime license for unlimited photocopying to use in your clinical work. No royalty fees! Click here for additional details. Click here for  an order form.

Note: The Therapist’s Toolkit and EASY Diagnostic System (described below) are designed for qualified mental health professionals only.

Easy Diagnostic System

This quick and easy diagnostic system allows you to assign more than 60 of the most common DSM disorders, including all ten personality disorders, in only 5 to 10 minutes. The EASY has just been revised to conform to the new DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. Click here for more information. Click here for an order form.

Tools, Not Schools, of Therapy: David’s Psychotherapy eBook

A practical and helpful psychotherapy training manual that will revolutionize the way you practice and think about psychotherapy. The eBook is also a step-by-step introduction to the T.E.A.M. Therapy. It includes sections on the initial evaluation (“How to take a world class clinical history”), session-by-session testing, empathy, paradoxical agenda setting, and how to implement 50 powerful psychotherapy techniques designed to help patients struggling with depression, anxiety disorders, and relationship conflicts, as well as habits and addictions. More than 1000 pages, the eBook is chock full of interactive exercises so you can master the techniques and use them in your day-to-day work. Click here for an order form.

Psychotherapy Workshops

Dr. Burns offers two- and four-day psychotherapy workshops throughout the United States and Canada. These programs are for mental health professionals, and continuing education credits for nearly all types of mental health professionals are provided. For information on dates, topics, and locations, click here.

Unlimited Free Psychotherapy Training

My colleagues and I offer unlimited free weekly psychotherapy training and “emotional tune-ups” for mental health professionals in Northern California. The training groups are located at Stanford as well as San Francisco, Berkeley, Sacramento. Several low-cost paid training groups are also available at the new Feeling Good Institute in Mountain View, California. Click here for more information on times, locations, and individuals to contact for the T.E.A.M. Therapy training groups.

We also hope to be able to offer inexpensive weekly training groups via Skype or Google Hangouts early next year. This will give therapists around the United States and worldwide the chance to participate in our weekly training programs.

Individual Psychotherapy Mentoring, Training, and Consultation

You’ll find many superb therapists and teachers listed at www.FeelingGoodInstitute.com. They are available for psychotherapy training as well as for treatment, including intensives. Click here to link to the Feeling Good Institute. If you’d like to watch a brief video describing their training and T.E.A.M. certification programs, click here.

T.E.A.M. Therapy Certification

My colleagues at the Feeling Good Institute have recently developed a T.E.A.M. Therapy certification program. There are three levels of therapist certification as well as one level of trainer certification. It’s inexpensive and easy to get started. Level 1 Certification only requires you to read my psychotherapy eBook and attend two of my two-day workshops or one four day intensive. If you are participating in one of our weekly training groups, that experience along with reading the eBook, will also be sufficient even without attending workshops.

To learn more about the  certification process, contact Angela Krumm, Ph.D.

David’s Blog

My blog on this site will continue with my series on the “Ten Worst Errors Therapists Make–And How to Avoid Them,” as well as other topics. Click here to check it out!

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