The following schedule will evolve; changes will be made as we add new workshops or update details and registration information. Check back here at times, or call the contact numbers to stay informed.

Workshop Feedback

Trauma workshop: These are unsolicited anonymous feedback on the evaluation forms for my

  • The live demonstration in the evening was freaking incredible! J J
  • The live demonstration was dynamite! . . . It was beautiful!!
  • The entire process was fantastic!
  • I liked all of it! I appreciated Dr. Burns willingness to be vulnerable with his own flaws and fears.

Scared Stiff Workshop: The following is an email from a participant at my “Scared Stiff” workshop last week in Salt Lake City. He generously gave permission to post his generous comments on my website.

Dear Dr. Burns,

I attended your conference in salt lake yesterday. It was wonderful. Thank you very much. I’ve been clinician for 15 years and never has any conference been superior to yours! I’ve attended “Scared Stiff” three times over the years and I’m always pushed to the next level of thinking and understanding!

Thank you for your dedication and your willingness to share your incredible skill and knowledge. YOU ARE MY HERO!! I look up to you and your work!

Thanks again for your wonderful conference!

Nik Chertudi

The following is from a colleague who attended my Scared Stiff workshop recently in Minneapolis:

Hi David

I just wanted to wish you and your family a very happy, healthy new year.

Meeting you and taking your workshop in Minneapolis was definitely the highlight of my year. Thanks so much again. Using your techniques has really made a difference in my work. My clients and I are very grateful to you.

Jackie A. Castro MA LMFT
Granada Hills CA

Worried Sick Webinar: The following is a participant in my first online webinar series, described below. You can still sign up for this as of today (January 11, 2017), but I will be offering this 6 session webinar series again in the future. I was very touched by this note, as I was a bit nervous about doing my first pre-recorded webinar series. David


Hello David,

I just want to take a few minutes to let you know how much I enjoyed your first webinar session of Worried Sick. It flowed very well, and your presence was shining and reaching through the screen, despite the distance.  I heard your disappointment at not being physically with us, and I also wished we could have all been in the same room. I think going to events is a good way to challenge ourselves in a setting that is very different from the office. For me, to face the crowd, and have to interact with other professionals is always a stretch, and a good one. Many of us are introverts, and making meaningful conversation during unstructured moments is an important skill for life. I thought your comments on the topics of distance and the use of technology were genuine and wonderful, and they helped build closeness and community. Why I am so thankful you made this webinar is because it makes it available to so many more of us. It really fits into a perspective of democratization of knowledge. Personally, I am too far lost in the boonies -and working within a public health system with limited resources- to have affordable access to live workshops of this quality. This first video was excellent, and I am impatient to view the other ones. I thank you kindly for your teaching.

Cheers, Stéphanie Giguère  MA, RCC,
Mental Health and Substance Use Clinician, Creston BC


Hi David,

This is Shahrzad from Montreal/Canada. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your webinars! I find them to be tremendously informative and helpful! I wish I had been trained under your supervision!!!

You have such a kind, compassionate, genuine, down-to-earth, and real presence! I truly love that!!!!!

By the way, in your first webinar, you mentioned how you laugh and/or cry together with the audience in your live workshops, and you were disappointed that this may be missing in a webinar format where everything is pre-recorded! Well, I don’t know about the other people who are watching these webinar series, but I can tell you that I have had moments where I have laughed out loud and shed tears while watching your talk in these past few weeks!

Thank you for this great opportunity to learn from your expertise, experience, and wisdom!


Shahrzad Irannejad, PhD, Psychologist

Hi Shahrzad, what a great note! I had no idea that the emotion could be conveyed in this format. I really appreciate hearing from you! And thanks for permission to post your terrific note!



Hi Dr. Burns,

I’m a young psychotherapist in Montreal, Quebec, and I’ve been following your Worried Sick webinar series.

I just wanted to send you a brief note to let you know that I’ve appreciated the content of the webinars, and I am excited to continue learning about the T.E.A.M. approach in order to work more effectively with clients suffering from anxiety (of which I have many).

Your presence and personality has made the webinars especially enjoyable. You come across as very humble, genuine, passionate, and caring, and I feel this is a presence to emulate and aspire to as I continue to develop my own therapeutic approach.

Thank you!


(asked to remain anonymous)

Upcoming Workshop Schedule

January / February, 2017 (will be offered again in the future)

Webinar Series: Worried Sick: High-Speed, Drug-Free Treatment for Anxiety Disorders–


6 weekly two-hour online webinar sessions beginning January 6, 2017
For more information, click here
or contact Jack Hirose & Associates Inc.
Phone: 604.924.0296
Toll-free: 1.800.456.5424

March, 2017

“And It’s All Your Fault!”
Healing Troubled Relationships

March 16 – 17, Salt Lake City, UT
For information, click here
or contact Rod W. Jeppsen, President, Suncrest Counseling
Phone: 801-255-1155

April, 2017

Rapid Recovery from Trauma: New High-Speed TEAM-CBT Treatment Techniques

April 24 – 25, McLean, VA 22102, Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner (link to brochure)
April 26 – 27, Newark, NJ, Hilton Newark Penn Station (link to brochure)
April 28 – 29, Philadelphia, Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District (link to brochure)
For more information, contact IAHB
phone: 800-258-8411

May, 2017

Healing Yourself: Keynote address and workshop
Presented at the 53rd Annual Conference
for the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT)

May 7, Santa Clara, CA (Hyatt Regency Hotel)
For information, click here
or contact Nancy J. Milazzo, Education and Events Coordinator, CAMFT
Phone: 858.292.2638

July, 2017

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:
A Four-Day Intensive Training

July 17 – 20, Banff, Canada
For more information, click here
or contact Jack Hirose & Associates Inc.
Phone: 604.924.0296
Toll-free: 1.800.456.5424

High Speed, Drug Free Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Disorders–
A Four-Day TEAM-CBT Advanced Intensive

July 31 – August 3, Burlingame, California
For more information, click here or contact IAHB
This is usually my best workshop of the year, since many individuals from my Tuesday training group at Stanford attend and help out with the small group exercises, providing lots of individual feedback and support. If you can only attend one of my workshops, consider attending this one!
phone: 800-258-8411

Fall, 2017

Rapid Recovery from Trauma: New High-Speed TEAM-CBT Treatment Techniques

Woodland Hills, CA (specific date and link will be added; it is now being scheduled, along with other fall cities and dates for the trauma workshop)

November, 2017

November 27 , Calgary
Details TBA, but Dr. Burns will probably have a workshop or keynote presentation for mental health professionals on the treatment of trauma plus an evening presentation on Skills, Not Pills, for the general public
To learn more, contact Jack Hirose & Associates Inc.
Phone: 604.924.0296
Toll-free: 1.800.456.5424

December, 2017

Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference
December 13 – 17, Anaheim, California
sponsored by the Erikson Foundation
Details TBA
For more information, click here