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Upcoming Workshops for 2021

Feeling Great: You Can CHANGE the Way You FEEL!
by David D. Burns, MD

April 21, 2021 (90 minutes)

Sponsored by Jack Hirose and Associates

Workshop Description

TEAM-CBT is a new, exciting, fast-acting treatment for depression and anxiety that can greatly enhance your clinical skills and help with your own feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. Dr. Burns will show seven brief video clips of a TEAM therapy session with a mental health professional struggling with nine years of intense depression, anxiety, guilt and anger following a horrific traumatic event involving her 12-year-old daughter.

By the end of the 90-minute session, her symptoms had disappeared entirely, and she actually felt euphoric.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this seminar, attendees will be able to:
• Describe several benefits of session-by-session testing
• Describe several tools to eliminate therapeutic resistance
• Describe several common cognitive distortions
• Describe several tools to crush distorted thoughts

The Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit
by David Burns, MD

A One-Day Workshop on May 5, 2021

Click here for more information including registration!

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM West Coast Time: 7 CE Credits

Sponsored by Jack Hirose & Associates, Vancouver, CA

Workshop Description

In this workshop, you will learn how to select the most effective treatment methods based on the distortions in your clients’ (or your own) negative thoughts. Dr. Burns will present many case examples and role play demonstrations to help you master powerful techniques that will boost your effectiveness in the treatment of patients struggling with depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. You will also see inspiring and dramatic video clips from actual therapy sessions that will bring these new techniques to life.

You will learn how to crush each of the ten familiar cognitive distortions, with methods such as Positive Reframing, Best/Worst/Average, Be Specific, the Externalization of Voices, Let’s Define Terms, the Socratic Technique, the Survey Technique, the Experimental Technique, Examine the Evidence, the Acceptance Paradox, the Feared Fantasy, and more.

Topics will include:
1. The benefits of Testing.
2. How to use Worst, Best, Average for thoughts that include Overgeneralization and Labeling
3. How to use Be Specific
4. How to use Let’s Define Terms
5. Several techniques to melt away therapeutic resistance for rapid change.
6. Techniques to crush the distorted thoughts that trigger depression and anxiety.
7. How to identify Self-Defeating Beliefs with the Downward Arrow Technique.
8. The necessary and sufficient conditions for emotional change.
9. How to do the Paradoxical Cost-Benefit Analysis to reduce intense self-criticisms.
10. How to use the Feared Fantasy Technique to reduce feelings of shame.
11. The keys to effective Relapse Prevention Training (RPT)

Bringing TEAM-CBT to Life in Real Time
Two Live Therapy Demonstrations with Dr. David Burns


Live Online Workshop with David Burns, MD and Jill Levitt, Ph.D.

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May 16, 2021 | 7 CE hours. $135

Sponsored by the Feeling Good Institute

Workshop Description

This workshop will feature two live therapy demonstrations with audience volunteers who have been struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. Live therapy demonstrations have always been one of our most illuminating and helpful teaching tools. You get to see, in real time, what works, and what doesn’t work, and why. In addition, when you see rapid changes in the person we are working with, you will gain a far deeper appreciation of how the new TEAM-CBT therapy model actually works, and what genuine recovery means.

This workshop will give you the unique opportunity to go behind closed doors to watch two expert clinicians working in real time. When you witness the transformation of feelings of sadness and anxiety into feelings of joy, relief, and enlightenment, you will feel much better about your own flaws, and you will discover some awesome new tools that can improve your clinical outcomes. This promises to be an exciting, educational and inspirational experience!

Jill and I will be working with two volunteer therapists that we don’t know, live and in real time! No role-playing here!

Approximately two hours will be devoted to each therapy session demonstration, including teaching points as the session evolves. This will be followed by discussion and exercises to help you master key techniques that can greatly improve your clinical work as well as your own feelings of self-esteem.

Topics will include:
1. The benefits of Testing.
2. What’s my grade? How to get perfect empathy ratings the first time you meet with a new patient.
3. How to melt away therapeutic resistance for rapid change.
4. How to crush the distorted thoughts that trigger depression and anxiety.
5. The necessary and sufficient conditions for emotional change.
6. The cause of nearly all therapeutic failure.
7. The keys to effective Relapse Prevention Training (RPT)

The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference (described above) may be repeated live in December 2021.
Keep posted for details.

Workshop Endorsements

– Incredible training.  The best workshop I have ever attended.  David is a compassionate, extremely knowledgeable teacher and psychiatrist.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed!  Marilyn Coffy, PhD

-The following are unsolicited anonymous comments from participants on the workshop evaluation forms–

  • The live demonstration in the evening was freaking incredible!!!
  • The live demonstration was dynamite! . . . It was beautiful!!
  • The entire process was fantastic!
  • I liked all of it! I appreciated Dr. Burns willingness to be vulnerable with his own flaws and fears.

-The following is an unsolicited endorsement for one of the online workshops by Drs. David Burns and Jill Levitt.

This was my second online workshop with Drs. Burns and Levitt, and I must say that I was extremely satisfied with both of these fantastic training programs. The workshop this last Sunday was brilliantly conducted, and the learning experience was awesome.

It was amazing to see how they managed to include so much in just seven hours! But it didn’t even feel heavy.

I strongly recommend these workshops to every therapist all over the world! I do not want to miss a single one of these.

Dipti Joshi

-The following are from participants who attended my two-day “Scared Stiff” workshop.

Dear Dr. Burns,

I attended your conference in Salt Lake yesterday. It was wonderful. Thank you very much. I’ve been clinician for 15 years and never has any conference been superior to yours! I’ve attended “Scared Stiff” three times over the years and I’m always pushed to the next level of thinking and understanding!

Thank you for your dedication and your willingness to share your incredible skill and knowledge. YOU ARE MY HERO!! I look up to you and your work!

Thanks again for your wonderful conference!

Nik Chertudi

-Hi David

I just wanted to wish you and your family a very happy, healthy new year.

Meeting you and taking your workshop in Minneapolis was definitely the highlight of my year. Thanks so much again. Using your techniques has really made a difference in my work. My clients and I are very grateful to you.

Jackie A. Castro MA LMFT
Granada Hills, CA

-The following feedback was from participants in my first online webinar series.

Hi David,

This is Shahrzad from Montreal, Canada. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your webinars! I find them to be tremendously informative and helpful! I wish I had been trained under your supervision!!!

You have such a kind, compassionate, genuine, down-to-earth, and real presence! I truly love that!!!!! I have had many moments where I have laughed out loud and shed tears while watching your talk in these past few weeks!

Thank you for this great opportunity to learn from your expertise, experience, and wisdom!


Shahrzad Irannejad, PhD, Psychologist

-Hi Dr. Burns,

Your presence and personality has made the webinars especially enjoyable. You come across as very humble, genuine, passionate, and caring, and I feel this is a presence to emulate and aspire to as I continue to develop my own therapeutic approach.

Thank you!

(asked to remain anonymous)

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