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This entire site is a learning center for therapists, click here, and for the general public, see below.

To learn more on any given topic, use the search function on the top right (look for the magnifying glass) to type in any topic of interest, such as: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Perfectionism
  • Shame Attacking Exercises
  • Self-Defeating Beliefs
  • The Five Secrets of Effective Communication
  • The Hidden Emotion Technique
  • Rapid Recovery
  • And more—anything!

Once you enter the topic that interests you, and press enter, you’ll immediately get a list of the best blogs and Feeling Good podcasts on that topic. Enjoy!

In addition, you can take brief, accurate tests to find out exactly how depressed or anxious  you are. If your scores are elevated, I’ve prepared a special free depression course for you, as well as a free anxiety course for you. These courses are not intended as a substitute for treatment, but you may find them helpful and interesting.

You’ll also find brief accurate tests for Happiness as well as Marital / Relationship Satisfaction. The Dalai Lama said that happiness is the purpose of life. But did you know you can accurately and quickly measure your happiness, and track changes over time?

And did you ever want to know how good your marriage is, or your relationship with your mom or dad, or anyone you care about? If you’re feeling brave, you can find out right now! 

Finally, if you go the list of Feeling Good Podcasts , you can review the topics and click on any that interest you.

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Smashing Social Anxiety: Shame Attacking and Beyond 2022

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