Help for Purchasing, Downloading, and Using David’s Tools

Below you fill find:

  1. How to purchase & download your order
  2. Using the ebook – “Tools, NOT Schools”
  3. Overview on how to use the electronic tools
  4. How to use the NEW Electronic Decision Making Form on Google Sheets
  5. How to use forms via SimplePractice – clients & therapists
  6. How to upload/download Google Suite Pro – clients & therapists
  7. How to use via Acrobat Reader & Google Drive – clients & therapists
  8. Using the EASY Diagnostic DSM V –  instructional, not technical, video.

Questions and technical support contact Angela Poch (who made the fillable PDF’s and can help with tech support)  Updates, when available, may come from Angela.


1. Purchasing & downloading your order!

This video shows how to purchase and download your order, where to find the password, and other things to watch out for. Extra troubleshooting tips for downloading below video.

Extra tips for Downloading.

If you have Google Workspace or an antivirus device be sure to check the settings. Some programs override where a download ends up on your computer.

Make sure you have download the entire file. Sometimes the files do not download completely and this will cause errors. If you are unsure, reach out. File size may be listed on your order form or in the description on the shop page.

Download to your computer FIRST, then you can transfer to other devices once you know it’s working. Mobile devices can be finicky, see below.

Downloading on a mobile device.

Make sure you know where you are downloading to. Many times the download happens and you don’t see it. Then you try again only to run out of available downloads. Tips: The download link may or may not open in the browser. I recommend copying the hyperlink from the email receipt to your browser on your mobile device. From there, on an iphone/ipad, save the PDF using the save/share icon (box with arrow) to a specific place on your mobile device.

One user discovered the download was stored google drive and it was being blocked by their settings. They removed the block and was able to access it across all devices.

For those who use Kindle more help on this page:

2. Using the ebook, “Tools, NOT Schools”

This video shows how to navigate and use the ebook.

3. Overview of using the tools!

This video shows sample of how to use the forms. Electronic Tool Package & License used in the video but info works for the other tools. Angela Poch has a FREE detailed course on how to Telehealth with these tools:

4. How to Use the Electronic Decision Making Form – Google Sheets!

This video shows sample of how to use the Decision Making Form on Google Sheets. No more MATH!!!! Thanks Derek & Alex. You will need the 50+ Electronic Tool Package & to get access to this tool. If you have the package please contact me to get a copy of this tool.

5. How to upload/download the forms via SimplePractice – for therapists

How to upload/download the forms via SimplePractice – for clients

You may share this link with clients:

6. How to upload/download the forms via Google Suite Pro – therapists

This video assumes you’ve used gsuite before. If you need help learning more about gsuite visit Google’s help page on adding and sharing folders here. Note: You will need to add a folder for each client (I have one main parent folder called “client folders”. I also use client codes to keep it straight and add extra security if my screen is open).

How to upload/download the forms via Google Suite Pro – clients

You may share this link with clients:

7. How to use via Acrobat Reader – clients & therapists

You may share this link with clients:

Troubleshooting Tool Issues

Forms having missing data. Make sure both you and the client are using Acrobat Reader and upload/downloading as instructed by your file sharing provider. Remember the forms must be on the clients computer and OPEN in Acrobat Reader to record and save the information entered. Do not use a browser or open from within an email program.

For those with secure email.  Keep in mind there can be glitches in data when sending forms. Here’s what Adobe (the maker of PDF’s) has to say.  “Some servers can corrupt a PDF.” “MS Outlook’s Exchange server is known to corrupt PDF files unless it is setup to accept the PDF format. As noted putting the PDF into a zip file will prevent this issue.”

Tips for using Google Drive  and the Acrobat Plug In on an iPad

You may share this link with clients BUT make sure you watch the video above first.

8. How to use the EASY Diagnostic System with clients