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Welcome to the Depression homepage for Feelinggood.com. Here you’ll learn how to defeat depression and experience more joy and happiness.

To get started, listen to my live therapy session with a physician named Mark, who feels like a failure as a father. Although the facts of your life are likely to be very different, you might understand what it’s like to feel like a failure, or to tell yourself that you’re defective, or simply not good enough.

The full live therapy series with Mark is linked below:

And here is the two year follow up with Mark:

Lastly, here is a podcast episode with Daisy and her husband Zane, a couple facing the problem of infertility. Daisy is suffering, on the one hand, from intense feelings of failure, shame, and inadequacy because she has not yet become pregnant. But at the same time, she has mixed feelings about having children, and feels that if she can find happiness with children, she will be ostracized by society and seen as some kind of oddball.


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