Free Training

Unlimited Free Psychotherapy Training for Northern California Mental Health Professionals

For more than ten years, I have led a free weekly evening T.E.A.M. psychotherapy training group at Stanford—for students, faculty, and community therapists as well–that has been enormously rewarding. Now the program has evolved significantly, and we are offering many in-person and online T.E.A.M. psychotherapy training groups in northern California and some throughout the US and Canada. In addition, my brilliant former student and now esteemed colleague, Matthew May, MD, is also offering a free weekly T.E.A.M. training group at Stanford on Thursday evenings.

If you are a licensed mental health professional or student, you may be eligible to participate in one of our groups. Most of the groups are still free, and some require modest monthly payments. You are welcome to visit any group once to see if you like it before making a commitment to join.

Our psychotherapy training groups aim to provide you with the tools, skills and practice you need to become an outstanding psychotherapist. We provide opportunities for 1:1 practice, mentoring and feedback. We believe that this unique training model fosters rapid acquisitions of skills and facilitates professional and personal growth.

Working in the trenches with people who are struggling with emotional and interpersonal problems can be challenging, and sometimes draining and demoralizing as well. I believe that every practicing mental health professional needs a weekly group for emotional refueling and for the continued development and refining of clinical skills. I hope you can join or visit one of our groups!

Click here for more information on times, locations, and individuals to contact for the T.E.A.M. Therapy training groups.

For one-on-one training in the T.E.A.M. therapy model, or to refer to a certified T.E.A.M. therapist, including intensive treatment programs for individuals from out of town, see the Feeling Good Institute website at: