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Hi colleagues,

I believe that some of the FB Live Videos I made last year may have value for you if you are looking for self-help, and for your patients if you are a therapist. There are more videos than these, so this is just a preliminary listing. Let me know if you have some other ideas about this. I want to thank Dr. Jill Levitt and Mike Christensen for brilliant and heart-warming contributions!

David’s Live FB Videos with

Dr. Jill Levitt, Mike Christensen, and others

Title / Topic





Overcoming Perfectionism 1:27 4.1 K Nov 11, 2018 Jill Levitt
The Shouldy Show, Part 1: How to Crush Your Shoulds! 1:03 1.7 K Jul 22, 2018 Jill Levitt
The Shouldy Show, Part 2: How to Zap your Shoulds! 1:03 1.9 K Jul 29, 2018 Jill Levitt
The Four Great Deaths of the
Patient’s “Self” in TEAM-CBT
1:03 1.5 K Apr 22, 2018 Mike Christensen
The Four Great Deaths of the Therapist’s “Self”in TEAM-CBT 0:58 1.2 K Apr 29, 2018 Mike Christensen
Anxiety and OCD, Part 1 ~1:00 2 K Mar 18, 2018 Jill Levitt /
Mike Christensen
Anxiety and OCD, Part 2 1:03 1.2 K Apr 1, 2018 Jill Levitt  /
Mike Christensen
More on Anxiety: Counting Negative Thoughts, Worry Breaks, and Flooding 0:59 1.4 I Sept. 9, 2018 Jill Levitt
How to handle an obnoxious teenager! 1:03 1.5 K Oct 7, 2018 Jill Levitt
How to develop loving relationships 1:09 2.3 K Mar 11, 2018 Jill Levitt
Good Reasons NOT to Get Close to People / How to Criticize Others 1:01 1.9 K May 13, 2018 Jill Levitt /
Mike Christensen

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Hope this is helpful!


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