ebook textbook “Tools, Not Schools, of Therapy” – PDF file – Toolkit NOT included!


Dr. Burns’ Psychotherapy eBook —Tools, Not Schools, of Therapy is the textbook for TEAM-CBT. This is an electronic PDF book that you will download. Nothing is mailed out to you!

See below for more info before ordering. Video of what this looks like inside.


This fun, interactive psychotherapy training manual on PDF describes Dr. Burns’ TEAM Therapy in a clear, step-by-step manner with written and role-playing exercises designed for individuals or classes so you can master the techniques. The exercises are mandatory to learning, as reading alone will not be effective. SEE video below for a look inside. This is an electronic PDF book that you will download. Nothing is mailed out to you!

If you don’t get the purple receipt with download links and passwords in 5 minutes of ordering please contact Angela Poch. feelinggreat@angelapoch.com

You will need to purchase the Therapist’s Toolkit and/or 50+ Electronic Tools for licensing rights to use the tools, such as the BMS, DML, etc. in your practice OR save $$$ and get ALL 4 (Therapist’s Toolkit, ebook, EASY, and 50+ Electronic tools).

This ebook is approximately 1200 pages (double-spaced), (plus 200 NEW additional pages) but don’t panic! You can read and work with it in sections, including:

  • T = Testing: How to take a world-class clinical history accurately and quickly assess treatment progress as well as the quality of the therapeutic alliance at the start and end of every therapy session.
  • E = Empathy: How to empathize with the most challenging patients, including those who are hostile, critical, oppositional, overwhelmed, passive, argumentative, or flirtatious using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication.
  • A = (Paradoxical) Agenda Setting: How to melt away therapeutic resistance and make patients accountable, using paradoxical agenda setting techniques. These are incredibly powerful and advanced psychotherapy techniques.
  • M = Methods: How to use 50 innovative and highly effective psychotherapy techniques, such as the Externalization of Voices and Acceptance Paradox, and how to select the most effective techniques for each patient / problem.
  • And much more.

For download and other instructions how to use this book watch the first two videos here (6 minutes for both), visit here.

More about this latest 2020 version of the ebook (verses previous versions) and what’s included:

IF you have already purchased this ebook in the past and would like the NEW additions you can get this latest edition for only $55 please contact Angela Poch. Note: updates, when available, may come from Angela Poch (who made the fillable PDF’s and can help with tech support) feelinggreat@angelapoch.com

It comes as a PDF with a password code so you can open it. Purchase entitles you to read it and print any sections of interest, but does not include distribution rights. The information, tools, and scales in it cannot be reproduced without my express written permission. You can purchase the toolkit for license to share tools with clients. Learn more here.


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