Therapist Toolkit as PDF Download – In person license!


This is a download product, no hard copy mail out!

If you do telehealth or video therapy please purchase both the Therapists Toolkit and the Electronic Tool Package & License DISCOUNT if you buy both click here to get both now.

For download and other instructions visit here.



The Therapist’s Toolkit includes over 800 pages of state-of-the-art assessment and treatment tools for the mental health professional in a downloadable PDF with bookmark navigation and search ability. Purchase includes a lifetime license for unlimited printing to use in your clinical work. No royalty fees!  You cannot send these forms via email or use online. EASY system for DSM IV, NOT V, included as a bonus. For DSM V, click here.

You’ll also want the ebook, “Tools, NOT Schools” which is the textbook on how to use these tools and do TEAM-CBT with your patients.

This WAS a binder, plus several email updates, but now this is a download product ONLY! Nothing is physically mailed out. If you do telehealth please purchase the Electronic Tool Package & License. DISCOUNTED buy both $300 CLICK HERE!

This kit includes a wide variety of treatment and assessment tools that will enhance and professionalize your practice, including the Daily Mood Log, the Brief Mood Survey, Evaluation of Therapy Session, Recovery Circle, and hundreds more. These tools will increase your understanding of your patients and boost your clinical effectiveness. I have developed these tools with collaboration from many talented colleagues, and I require all therapists training in T.E.A.M. therapy to purchase and use this kit. To get a detailed description of this product click here Therapist’s Toolkit.

For download and other instructions visit here.

Note: updates, when available, may come from Angela Poch

NOTE: this tool is intended for mental health professionals only (students ok). By purchasing and using these form you agree to the license included with the form.


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