Audio Recordings

Two recordings of workshops for mental health professionals are currently available:

  • Scared Stiff: Fast, Effective Treatment for Anxiety Disorders
    This two-day workshop describes three models for treating anxiety disorders. The version that was recorded by J&K seminars below is one of the best workshops I have ever given.
  • And It’s All Your Fault: How to Overcome Anger and Interpersonal Conflicts
    This two-day workshop describes cognitive interpersonal therapy for relationship problems.

You may order audio tapes of these workshops by contacting:

Crown House Publishing
Phone: 203-778-1300
Fax: 203-778-9100

J&K Seminars

You may obtain CE credits by purchasing and listening to these programs and taking a test. Check with the vendors for details.

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Dr. Burns Upcoming 2020 Workshops

  • The Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit

    By David Burns, MD
    A One-Day Workshop on November 13, 2020
    8:30 AM to 4:45 PM Eastern Time: 7 CE Credits
    Sponsored by J&K Seminars, Lancaster, PA

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