If you click the links on the table below, you can listen to any of the Feeling Good Podcasts, and view the show notes. Also, you can use the search function in the right-hand panel to find all the podcasts on various topics, like perfectionism, shyness, depression, social anxiety, or suicide prevention, or any of the 50+ TEAM-CBT methods, like the Acceptance Paradox, Feared Fantasy or Hidden Emotion Technique.

You can also download any show as an MP3, so you can listen in your car or with some other listening device. 

I would like to thank Angela Poch, a certified TEAM therapist, for kindly creating the list of shows and links below. Angela works with teens and adults in Canada via teletherapy and in the USA via life coaching. For more information, visit www.AngelaPoch.com.


PS: There is a detailed Podcast database you can search here.


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