Therapist's Toolkit

The Therapist’s Toolkit includes hundreds of pages of state-of-the-art assessment and treatment tools for the mental health professional. Additional clinicians can be licensed to share your Toolkit. Your purchase brings you both paper copies of these essential tools plus a digital version of all of the latest and greatest instruments.

Why purchase the Therapist’s Toolkit?

Many popular tests for common disorders such as depression must be purchased for approximately $1 per copy, or more. If you have a busy practice or clinic, royalty fees can run into the thousands of dollars per year—and you own nothing at the end of the year.

In contrast, when you obtain the Therapist’s Toolkit, you become licensed to reproduce large numbers of superb assessment and treatment tools in your clinical practice for your entire career, so you will not have to pay royalties each time you administer a psychological test. Multi-user site licenses are also available for group practices and institutions, providing additional savings.

How do these tools compare with other instruments?

Many widely used assessment tests for depression, anxiety, and other disorders were created decades ago. Often, they are not user-friendly and do not have outstanding psychometric properties. The wording is frequently unclear and the response options may be frustrating as well. Sometimes, the symptom choices are inappropriate. In contrast, the instruments in the Therapist’s Toolkit are exceptionally user-friendly for the clinician and patient alike, and have superb psychometric properties. Most have reliabilities above 90%, with many above 95%, and are highly correlated with other, well-established instruments.

The Toolkit also includes large numbers of incredibly useful treatment tools that will enhance your work with individuals and groups, regardless of your therapeutic orientation.

To see a list of many of the invaluable forms included in the Toolkit, click here.

Free 2011, 2016, 2018 Upgrades: If you order the Toolkit now, you will be entitled to a free Upgrade. All you have to do is email me once you’ve received your Toolkit in the mail. Your free upgrade will come as a series of massive email attachments that you can download for easy printing. I will send them out within two weeks of hearing from you. You must order the upgrade within one month of receiving your Toolkit. This is a time-limited offer.

NEW: Electronic Toolkit Package (Add on). Now use several of the most popular forms with your clients through telehealth! Learn more or purchase here.

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