I am not now in clinical practice, but below you will find are some potential resources if you are looking for treatment. Referrals are not endorsements or guarantees for treatment methods or treatment outcomes. They are simply a few resources I am including that may be help for you if you are looking for treatment or training in TEAM-CBT. Google can sometimes be an excellent resource for finding therapists in your area.

I regret that I cannot do treatment via email or internet, either, so cannot respond adequately to individuals who describe personal problems and ask me for advice or help. However, I am happy to answer questions in a general way on my website if the question has some teaching potential that others might appreciate.

Although I have moved beyond traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in the development of TEAM-CBT, traditional CBT might still be a good option for many individuals who don’t otherwise have access to good psychotherapy. If you use Google, you can search for a CBT therapist in your area. They have many therapists in the US and around the world.

Some people ask, “help me find a referral in Miami,” or Atlanta, etc. i am working alone and have no help, and do not have any referral lists. You can check the sites below for help, however.

I have no formal affiliation with any of the treatment or training programs listed below, and do not receive any type of financial payment for referrals or from any of the treatment or training programs described below. I am providing this information simply as a public service.

To learn more about free TEAM-CBT training programs for students and community therapists directed by me (Dr. Burns) and my colleagues at Stanford, plus other in-person and online psychotherapy training programs, click here.

TEAM-CBT in the San Francisco Bay Area

Feeling Good Institute (FGI), Mt. View, California

The Feeling Good Institute is located near El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California. They offer

  • TEAM-CBT treatment, including conventional individual therapy as well as intensives for individuals from out of town. The FGI also offers online-video therapy with TEAM CBT certified therapists in multiple states in the US and Canada. To find therapists trained in TEAM-CBT, visit the FGI  website or watch a brief video describing the treatment programs.
  • TEAM-CBT training for therapists, including in-person mentoring and workshops, as well as superb weekly online training groups. To watch a brief video describing their training programs, click here.
  • TEAM-CBT certification for therapists. To learn more, contact Angela Krumm, PhD at the Feeling Good Institute.

The fees at the Feeling Good institute are high, due to the high cost of living in this area. However, they have a sliding fee policy and see many individuals at reduced fees. Make sure you inquire about this if you need a lower fee. Also, two of the certified TEAM-CBT therapists offer therapy via Skype-type connections on the internet.

To learn more about TEAM-CBT and how if has evolved from CBT, click here.

Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center has two locations in the bay area: Fremont and Santa Cruz, California. 

Patients seeking TEAM-CBT therapy can contact us to inquire about services. Services are offered in a variety of languages on an intensive basis, as well as on a weekly basis. We do offer Video-Based therapy using a HIPPA compliant platform to individuals who reside in California but are not close to any of our two locations. To see a list of our services and a biography of our clinicians click here.

Co-founders at FGTTC are certified in TEAM-CBT and are trainers. Junior clinicians are at various levels of certification and join the weekly consultation and classes with senior clinicians in order to advance their skills in TEAM-CBT. Low fee services are provided by our staff who are training with us while accruing clinical hours toward licensure.  For a list of our staff biographies click here.

Opportunities to learn and practice TEAM-CBT is available to interested mental health professionals from around the world by joining our online weekly classes and seminar style case consultation. In person training classes are offered in both locations as well. All classes offer CE’s as FGTTC is an approved provider of CE’s by APA and CPA. To see a list of our classes click here.

FGTTC offers a variety of talks, seminars, and workshops to the members of the community on a regular basis. All offerings are informed by TEAM-CBT concepts. To remain informed of the upcoming events, click here.

TEAM-CBT in New York

Dr. Taylor Chesney / Feeling Good Institute New York City
341 East 79th Street, Suite 302
New York, NY 10075
Dr. Taylor Chesney is the Clinical Director. The offer treatment and training programs in TEAM-CBT. Dr. Chesney also offers a superb weekly online training program in TEAM-CBT for children and teenagers. It is open to therapists from around the world.
You can contact Dr. Chesney at (516) 551-8063 or email her at taylor@feelinggoodinstitute.com.
The website is www.feelinggoodnyc.com. Check it out, it’s nice!

Feeling Good / TEAM-CBT Treatment Psychotherapy in Manhattan & White Plains, NY. We offer high quality TEAM-CBT to adults, adolescents and children in the NYC metro area. Elise Munoz, LCSW is the Clinical Director and can be reached at 914-533-4950 or you can visit our website.

  • Health insurance: We network with several health insurance plans and offer generous sliding scale fees and very low fee options. Contact our practice manager at 212-362-4490 for coverage details and options.
  • We offer TEAM Intensives and Teletherapy for individuals living out of town or desiring a more rapid recovery.
  • Free / low cost therapist training: Elise Munoz and Dr. David Bricker offer TEAM-CBT training to the NYC mental health community, including free bi-weekly TEAM training and low-cost workshops. Dr. David Bricker is the Training Director and can be reached at (212) 406-3520.

Other resources for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) around the United States and worldwide include:

For more information on finding a therapist, check the FAQs page.

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