About the Electronic Tool Package & License

Scroll down for a list of what is included along with a sample of the license.

Overview of using the tools!

This video shows sample of how to use the forms. Electronic Tool Package & License used in the video but info works for the other tools.

For specific video tutorials like how to download the forms after you purchase, using in Simple Practice or Google Drive, troubleshooting, etc. please click here.

What’s included in the Electronic Tool Package?

Here is a current list of what is included in this add on to the toolkit in order of how they appear in the zip folder.  Sort the folder by “name” tab to get files in this order.

  1. TOC, How to Use & Electronic Licensure
  2. Brief Mood Survey wt Therapist Survey
  3. Daily Mood Log 02-DML_electronic.pdf
  4. Daily Mood Log – Extended
  5. Positive Reframing Table
  6. Recovery Circle
  7. 50 Ways to Untwist Your Thinking
  8. Suicide Assessment Interview
  9. Brief Mood Survey for Children
  10. Brief Mood Survey for Teens
  11. Cost Benefit Analysis
  12. Decision Making Form
  13. Flooding Flow Sheet
  14. Habit & Addiction Log – simple
  15. Habit & Addiction Log – standard
  16. How to Make Therapy Successful
  17. Self Help Memo
  18. Anti-Hopelessness Memo
  19. Pleasure Predicting Sheet
  20. Problem Solution Method
  21. Double Paradox for Procrastination
  22. Procrastination Worksheet
  23. Relationship Journal
  24. 5 Secrets Summary Handout
  25. 5 Secrets Summary wt feeling words
  26. Advanced Empathy Handout
  27. Relationship CBA blank
  28. Relationship CBA newer
  29. Relationship CBA original
  30. Flattering Reasons NOT to…
  31. Interpersonal Downward Arrow – Rules
    vs Roles – 4 Quadrant worksheet
  32. Self-Defeating Beliefs Checklist
  33. Self-Defeating Beliefs Survey
  34. Tic-Toc Worksheet
  35. Triple Paradox
  36. Worst, Best, Average Worksheet

Electronic Licensure and Permissions for the Electronic Tool Package & License.

The electronic license that you will receive with your purchase will be similar to the one below. THIS IS NOT your license and may be worded slightly different. Check your download folder after your purchase for your license copy.

  • These forms are intended for use by qualified mental health professionals.
  • This licensure includes the right to use these materials in your clinical work with patients/clients. You may distribute them to your patients for their own personal use ONLY via HIPAA compliant platforms or as per the licensing regulations in your country/district. Do not send out forms via email or publish or distribute in any other manner.
  • When sharing any form with a client, please inform them of the usage rights. They are to use the forms for their personal use only and not to share, distribute, publish, reproduce, or email forms to anyone. They are to upload any completed forms to you in whatever manner they received the form.
  • This licensure includes the right to create and use the BMS/Therapist Evaluation in your own secure survey platform such as Google forms professional/HIPAA or Jotforms HIPAA version for your clinical use with your clients. Please add the copyright credit: “Copyright 2020 © Dr. David Burns.” This form, like all others in this package, cannot be placed on your website, made public, or otherwise distributed.
  • Do not include download links on your website to any of Dr. Burns’ copyright forms or tools. You may link to Dr. Burns website podcasts, blog pages, or other public website pages.
  • Licensure does not include permission to publish in other applications, such as reproduction on the Internet, in software, in books, articles, or pamphlets, or for handouts for the general public in workshops and lectures, etc.
  • Licensure does not extend to colleagues or co-workers even within the same practice. They will have to purchase their own electronic license.
  • If you are in doubt about whether a particular form of reproduction or use is permitted, make sure that you check with me to avoid copyright infringement. I appreciate your attention to this issue, and anything you can do to protect me, because I am the victim of pretty massive internet piracy.
  • You agree to indemnify me, Dr. David Burns, from any lawsuits or legal actions resulting from your use of these tools.

Updated licensure: 2020-11-10