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Welcome to the Relationships area of Feelinggood.com, where you’ll learn to develop more loving and satisfying relationships with the people you care about.

Here are some key topics to get you started:


1.Five Secrets Training

Would you like greater intimacy and respect, and more rewarding relationships with the people you care about?

If so, the podcast series on the Five Secrets of Effective Communication will be right up your alley. These podcasts include vignettes illustrating challenging therapeutic logjams that were resolved with the skillful use of the Five Secrets, as well as examples of how you can use the Five Secretes with loved ones, friends, colleagues, customers, and even aggressive or irritating strangers. The goal is to help you develop greater love, satisfaction, and joy in your interactions with the people you care about.


2.Interpersonal Model

This is a series of podcasts on how to transform troubled relationships into loving ones–if that’s what you want to do!


3.Live Session with Lee

A live therapy session illustrating how TEAM-CBT is used to treat troubled relationships. Lee is a colleague of mine who wanted help with his marriage. He explained that his wife was very controlling and critical of him and attributed this to the fact that she had a controlling mother. This is very typical in troubled relationships, most of us are convinced that the problem is the other person’s fault. Of course, Lee told us that his wife, in turn, blames back and feels that Lee is the one who needs to change.

Lee initially thought we’d do couples therapy, but in TEAM-CBT we actually prefer to treat just one person in a troubled relationship.

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Dr. Burns Upcoming 2020 Workshops

1. High Speed Methods to Reduce Resistance And Boost Motivation
With Drs. David Burns and Jill Levitt

Feb 9. 2020 | 7 CE hours | $135

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2. The Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit: How To Crush Negative Thoughts
With Drs. David Burns and Jill Levitt

May 17 2020 | 7 CE hours | $135

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3. The Annual South San Francisco Intensive
August 10 – 13, 2020
Small Group Practice with Personal Feedback and Mentoring, and Chances for Personal Work and Healing

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