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Welcome to the Trauma homepage for Feelinggood.com. Here you’ll learn how to overcome extremely challenging emotional obstacles and heal from catastrophic events.

To get started, listen to the following live therapy session with a wonderful woman named Sherrie who was extremely anxious about a traumatic event involving her husband a year earlier:

Next, listen to this live therapy session with Marilyn, a woman recently diagnosed with Stage 4 (terminal) non-smoker’s lung cancer.


Lastly, listen to podcast 147, in which Rhonda and I interview Garry, a veteran who David treated for PTSD several years ago at a trauma workshop in Michigan.

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Dr. Burns Upcoming 2020 Workshops

  • The Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit

    By David Burns, MD
    A One-Day Workshop on November 13, 2020
    8:30 AM to 4:45 PM Eastern Time: 7 CE Credits
    Sponsored by J&K Seminars, Lancaster, PA

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