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 If you’re looking for personal help with depression, anxiety, a painful relationship conflict, or a habit or addiction, my mission is to provide you with the tools you need to change your life. They’re all right here on my website, and most of them are totally free. Therapists visit here.

1. Feeling Good Podcasts

Check out my free weekly Feeling Good Podcasts with hosts, Drs. Fabrice Nye and Rhonda Barovsky. We recently received our millionth podcast from therapists and general citizens throughout the world. 60% of our listeners are people looking for self-help, and 40% are therapists who want to improve their therapy skills. However, nearly 100% of the therapists who listen indicated they are also looking for self-help to speed up their own healing. 

Some of the more than 150 podcasts recorded so far feature real, live therapy sessions, as well as a wide range of topics like these:

2. David’s TEDx Talk

If you want a brief introduction to cognitive therapy with some inspiring examples of how it works, you may enjoy my TED Talk in Reno. You’ll learn about the intense anxiety I struggled with after the birth of my son, Erik, when he was placed in the neonatal intensive care unit because of difficulties breathing. This was a challenging personal test of the idea that we are disturbed, not by events, but by the way we think about them. Was my panic and despair due to the actual event, or the way I was thinking about it?

You’ll also learn about how I treated an elderly immigrant from Latvia during the early days of cognitive therapy. She had just been discharged from the intensive care unit of our hospital for a serious suicide attempt, and was convinced she was a worthless human being because she’d never accomplished anything meaningful during her life. 

Did you ever feel that way? 

You’ll also hear a dramatic story of the day David’s son,Erik, was born. 

Check it out

3. Feeling Good Blog And Search Functionality

There are many free blog articles with topics like:

In fact, my entire website is now fully searchable, so you can type in any topic of interest to you, like “Relapse Prevention Training” or “Suicide Prevention” in the right frame of almost any page, and you’ll immediately find many free resources, including podcasts and blogs that you can visit immediately

4. Facebook Videos

You can watch my free Facebook Live videos on topics like:


5. Books

My books, like Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy and The Feeling Good Handbook, have sold nearly 6 million copies in the United States, and many more abroad. Published research studies indicate that 2/3rds of moderately to severely depressed individuals who are given a copy of Feeling Good recover or improve so much within four weeks that they do not need treatment. Three-year follow-up studies indicate that they do not relapse, but continue to improve. (link to list of studies)

As of this writing, Feeling Good still occupies three of the top five slots on the Amazon best-seller list for books on depression, including the number 1 position (link). Two large published surveys of Canadian and American mental health professionals indicate that Feeling Good is the highest rated and most frequently “prescribed” self-help book (from a list of 1,000) for individuals suffering from depression.

See my books here.


Resources for Mental Health Professionals

Tools and information on TEAM

Visit here for more information on various tools.

Visit here to see the shop – get the ebook, “Tools, NOT schools”, Therapist’s Toolkit, 50+ Electronic Tools and Telehealth license, EASY Diagnostic Survey for DSM V, and more.


Unlimited Free Psychotherapy Training

I offer free weekly psychotherapy training and personal work for Northern California mental health professionals every Tuesday evening at Stanford. For more information, please contact Alisha Beal beal.alisha@gmail.com.

David’s Famous Sunday hikes

Participants in our training groups (as well as visiting therapists from anywhere in the world) can join my Sunday morning hikes where we practice therapy techniques, do personal work for therapists, and provide additional mentoring to help you refine your therapy skills while hiking on breathtaking California trails. And sometimes, we get together afterwards for brunch at our favorite local dim sum restaurant!


More than 50,000 American and Canadian mental health professionals have attended my psychotherapy workshops over the past 30 years.

I have been honored to receive many wonderful workshop testimonials, like these:

“Dear Dr. Burns, I attended your “Scared Stiff” conference in Salt Lake Coty yesterday. It was wonderful.
I’ve been a clinician for 15 years and never has any conference been superior to yours! In fact, I’ve attended this workshop three times over the years and I’m always pushed to the next level of thinking and understanding!
Thank you for your dedication and your willingness to share your incredible skill and knowledge. YOU ARE MY HERO!! I look up to you and your work!
Thanks again for your wonderful conference!
Nik Chertudi

The following are some unsolicited, heart-warming comments I discovered on workshop evaluations:

The live demonstration in the evening was freaking incredible!!!
The live demonstration was dynamite! . . . It was beautiful!!
The entire process was fantastic!
I liked all of it! I appreciated Dr. Burns willingness to be vulnerable with his own flaws and fears.



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