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Hi everybody! I will now be sharing many posts from my website on FB and Twitter, and maybe other sites eventually.

My colleague, Lisa Kelley, urged me to thank all of you who are reading my blogs and supporting my efforts–so thank you! I am trying to get as many people as possible signed up on my website, so please spread the word. There are tremendous free resources for you on http://www.feelinggood.com, including my free weekly Feeling Good Podcasts with Dr. Fabrice Nye. We are getting loads of kind and positive comments, so check it out!

Also, she said many people send me emails on Facebook, but I rarely go to my FB page. I would encourage you to come to http://www.feelinggood.com if you want to comment or send me an email that you want me to respond to. There is a convenient sign up button there too, to make it easy for you to subscribe to my posts. And at the bottom there will always be a button if you want to share any specific post with your friends and colleagues.

That’s all for now!


Why Does Therapy Fail? What’s the Solution?

Hi Web Visitors,

One of my colleagues, Dr. Daniele Levy, who helps teach the Tuesday training group at Stanford, created a neat brief quiz for members of the TEAM-CBT list-serve. I have modified it slightly. If you want to submit your answers, I will try to publish a few of them!

  1. What is the #1 cause of therapeutic failure?
  2. What is the therapist’s role in addressing therapeutic resistance?
  3. What is the patients role?

She is offering free wine and cheese to the winner. I’m not offering that, but you might still enjoy taking a crack at it. And if you like the quiz, I might create some more of them for you!

By the way, I have an article on this topic that will be featured in the March, 2017 edition of Psychotherapy Networker. The title is “When Helping Doesn’t Help.” If possible, I will try to link to it when it appears, but don’t yet know if they permit this. If not, I might be able to print the final draft here.


Free Resources for Aspiring Therapists Who are Poor!

Hi Dr. Burns,

I am currently a sophomore doing my BA in Psychology and wish to continue all the way thru to get my Doctorate. I saw one of your podcasts on motivational therapy during my last class at Argosy University. After seeing it I have gotten very interested in what you’re teaching and feel that it could eventually be helpful to me when I start my practice.

I would love to learn more about what you’re teaching but right now I don’t have any money to buy any books or anything—maybe eventually I can.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and whatever you can pass my way would be very appreciated!

Sincerely, Robin

If you would like to see Dr. Burns response to Robin, CLICK HERE.