Why Does Therapy Fail? What’s the Solution?

Hi Web Visitors,

One of my colleagues, Dr. Daniele Levy, who helps teach the Tuesday training group at Stanford, created a neat brief quiz for members of the TEAM-CBT list-serve. I have modified it slightly. If you want to submit your answers, I will try to publish a few of them!

  1. What is the #1 cause of therapeutic failure?
  2. What is the therapist’s role in addressing therapeutic resistance?
  3. What is the patients role?

She is offering free wine and cheese to the winner. I’m not offering that, but you might still enjoy taking a crack at it. And if you like the quiz, I might create some more of them for you!

By the way, I have an article on this topic that will be featured in the March, 2017 edition of Psychotherapy Networker. The title is “When Helping Doesn’t Help.” If possible, I will try to link to it when it appears, but don’t yet know if they permit this. If not, I might be able to print the final draft here.


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