Feeling Good

Therapist's Toolkit: Overview

Educational Tools

For the Patient

  • Concept of Self-Help Memo
  • How to Make Therapy Rewarding Memo
  • Anti-Hopelessness Memo

Assessment Tools

The Initial Assessment

  • Clinician’s History Form
  • Administrative Memo

The Final Evaluation

  • Termination Summary
  • Patient’s Evaluation of Therapy

Session-by-Session Assessment

Brief Mood Survey

  • Depression
  • Suicidal Urges
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Violent Urges
  • Relationship Satisfaction Scale
  • Positive Feelings Scale

Evaluation of Therapy Session

  • Therapeutic Empathy
  • Helpfulness of Therapy Session
  • Satisfaction with Therapy Session
  • Commitment to doing Homework
  • Negative Feelings during the Session
  • Honesty
  • What did you like, or dislike, the most?

Powerful before-and-end of session scales

Group Scales

  • Mood scales
  • Evaluation of Therapy Group

Brief Mood Survey and some other tools in—

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Hebrew

Chart Records

New Children’s Scales

  • Sad Feelings (depression and suicidal urges)
  • Anxious Feelings
  • Angry Feelings
  • Shy Feelings
  • Hyperactive Feelings
  • Therapist Niceness (Therapist Empathy)
  • Therapist Helpfulness (Therapist Effectiveness)

Relationship Assessment

  • Brief & Full-Length Relationship Satisfaction Scale
  • Anger Toward Self
  • Anger Toward others

Dangerousness Assessment

  • Violent Fantasies, Urges, and Plans
  • Suicide Assessment: Self-report scales and Structured Suicidal Urges Interview
  • Hopelessness Scale

Motivational Assessment

  • Willingness Scale
  • Why Our Patient’s Resist Change
  • Self-Help Report

Scales for Use in Medical Settings

  • Brief Mood Survey
  • Satisfaction with Doctor’s Bedside Manner
  • Satisfaction with Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Brief Positive Feelings Scale
  • Medication Record
  • Side Effects Checklist
  • Brief Pain Scale

Scales for Positive Emotions

  • Self-Esteem
  • Feeling Good About Others
  • Happiness
  • Productivity
  • Playfulness
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Hope
  • Spiritual Awareness

Other Useful Assessment Tools

  • Self-Defeating Beliefs
  • Therapist’s Report Card
  • Scales for Use in Supervision & Teaching

Individual Therapy Tools

  • Latest Daily Mood Log (with goal columns)
  • Daily Mood Log Continuation Sheet
  • Checklist of Cognitive Distortions
  • 50 Ways to Untwist Your Thinking
  • Cost-Benefit Analyses with instructions
  • Pleasure Predicting Sheet with instructions
  • The Anti-Procrastination Sheet
  • Decision-Making Form with instructions
  • The Anti-Hopelessness Memo
  • 23 Common Self-Defeating Beliefs

Interpersonal Therapy Tools

  • Relationship Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Relationship Journal
  • EAR Checklist
  • The Bad Communication Checklist
  • Five Secrets of Effective Communication
  • Feeling Words Chart
  • 12 GOOD Reasons NOT To Listen
  • 12 GOOD Reasons NOT To Express Your Feelings
  • 12 GOOD Reasons NOT to Treat the Other Person with Respect
  • Attitudes that Inhibit Intimacy
  • Interpersonal Downward Arrow–the Roles and the Rules

Record-Keeping Tools

  • Progress Note (brief and detailed versions)
  • Mood Records

And Much More

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