50+ Electronic Tools & Telehealth License


For those who do telehealth, electronic licensure and fillable PDFs for 50+ most popular forms. See below BEFORE purchasing for important information.

ONLY $55 for current toolkit owners.



For those who do telehealth I have an electronic licensure and 50+ fillable PDFs for my most popular forms. These work like any other PDF except you and your clients can type in them using the free program, Acrobat Reader on your computer. There are some limitations please read the entire description below.

You and your clients can type in, save, and share via a HIPAA compliant system of your choice.  You can also use screen sharing and work with your client collaboratively then send the completed or partial completed form to your client via a HIPAA/GDPR/PIPEDA compliant file sharing portal(not included).

These will not save on a mobile device. To see how to access, share, and use these tools, see a list of what is included, or view the license details visit: visit this page.

BEFORE PURCHASING please watch this video for download and other instructions visit here.

Note: updates, when available, may come from Angela Poch (who made the fillable PDF’s and can help with tech support) feelinggreat@angelapoch.com

Get the Therapist Toolkit and these additional electronic tools & license for ONLY $300 for both. Click here to order.  Why would I need to by both if I ONLY do telehealth? The Therapist’s Toolkit has hundreds of pages of material that explain how to use the tools and do T.E.A.M. whereas the Electronic Tool Package & License has 35+ of the most commonly used forms but NO instructions for use. This is was designed as an addition for those doing telehealth.

Student discount, 25% off your order (Can NOT be used with other discounts, like the workshop discount), use this coupon code: 4GQAPZC6

NOTE: this tool is for licensed medical professionals only. By purchasing and using these form you agree to the license included with the form.

If you have already purchased the Therapist’s Toolkit please contact David Burns or Angela Poch for coupon code.

Questions and technical support visit the help page.

*If you can’t afford these prices feel free to contact me and let me know your financial constraints.


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