Video – Overcoming Toxic Shame: The Story of Melanie – Feeling Good


This dramatic video on DVD features Dr. David Burns and his two co-therapists, Drs. Jill Levitt, and Angela Krumm, in a TEAM-CBT session with a colleague who has been struggling silently with hidden feelings of shame for nine years about her two broken marriages. It is, arguably, one of the most beautiful and inspiring psychotherapy videos ever produced. It comes with a booklet with exercises you can do as you watch, or you can simply watch it straight through with stopping. Originally marketed for $199, Dr. Burns recently purchased all the remaining inventory and is now offering this superb produce at a discounted introductory price. This video will be great for therapists wanting to learn state of the art treatment techniques as well as the general public wanting to overcome depression and anxiety and boost self-esteem.

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