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I got this fantastic email from a Feeling Good Podcast fan, and deeply appreciate the kinds words! I hope you enjoy reading it!

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Dear Dr. Burns,

I wanted to thank you. I have heard all your podcasts, and feel like I have  encountered an oasis in the field of psychology.

Of course the techniques are wonderful, but much more than that – the whole structure of TEAM is so natural to the movement of a therapy session. I really feel you have struck gold! It is exciting to see so many important elements of psychotherapy are brought together in such an elegant and harmonious framework.

Most of all, I thank you for your sincere attitude to give your patients the best treatment one can offer. This relentless pursuit is inspiring for me, as a fairly young therapist. Before, I felt somewhat discouraged in my work. Now I feel – yes, there are many things that don’t work, but I keep on trying to be a better therapist. Your clear frame of mind, of seeing it all as a challenge, really radiated from your podcast and it was uplifting for me.

I mostly work with young children (6-9), many of them with Autism. But still the spirit behind TEAM structure apply, and is as important with them. Anyway, now that I have discovered TEAM I feel eager to  accept older patients and deepen my learning of the practice as I go along.

I wish  you nothing but the true and final death of the ego, and all the  best wishes on the path to get there!


Thanks, Yiftah, for your incredibly kind and encouraging words, and for permission to share them here!

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