Best By a Gazillion Miles?

Hi Web visitors,

Here is a wonderful email I got from Lee Davie (aka the NeedyHelper, who kindly invited me on his terrific Alcohol and Addiction Podcast).


Hi David,

I love all of your shows but the live session is the best by a gazillion miles. You have stumbled upon an incredible vein of value for so many people.


Thanks, Lee for those kind words. I am really happy you (and a number of others) have responded positive to our live therapy segments on the Feeling Good Podcasts. I agree that this is a unique way for therapists and the general public alike to learn about the new TEAM-CBT. I am also indebted to Mark, our “patient” for the broadcasts, for his big heart, compassion, and generosity.

You can listen to my weekly Feeling Good Podcasts on iTunes, or right here on this website!