110: Ask David: How do You Deal with a Sociopath?

110: Ask David: How do You Deal with a Sociopath?

Fabrice and David address several challenging questions submitted by individuals who listen to the Feeling Good Podcasts.

  1. Richard: Do you have to get along with everybody? How do you deal with a sociopath?
  2. Dave: Positive distortions can trigger mania, addictions, narcissism, and violence–but how can you get rid of them?
  3. Julia: What can you do if you’ve been depressed all of your life and wake up every morning with your mind flooded with negative thoughts? I spend two hours trying to dispute them, but they just keep coming back the next day.
  4. Omhur: How would you treat “Reading OCD?” I feel compelled to read every sentence and paragraph carefully and repeatedly so I won’t miss anything!
  5. Unnamed fan (who left a negative review on iTunes): Isn’t your concept of the death of the ego potentially dangerous to people with low self-esteem who are being abused?

Thank you for your terrific questions, your frequent praise, and your occasional criticisms and challenges. They keep us on our toes, and we deeply appreciate all of you. So keep your comments coming, as well as your suggestions for shows and topics you want to hear more about!

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Thanks! We really enjoy doing these shows for you.

David and Fabrice


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Stephen Pfleiderer Featured on the FB Broadcast on Addictions on April 8, 2018

Stephen Pfleiderer Featured on the FB Broadcast on Addictions on April 8, 2018

David’s Sunday FB Broadcast on Addictions with special guest, Stephen Pfleiderer, will be aired live on April 8, 2018, at 3 PM Pacific Time

Hi all!

My dear friend and colleague, Stephen Pfleiderer, will be featured on my live FB Broadcast tomorrow at 3 PM. He will describe his approach to the treatment of addictions, especially drug and alcohol abuse.

Stephen is the founder of SF Interventions and was a long-time member of my Tuesday training group at Stanford. He has also joined me on a great many of my Sunday hikes, as you can see in the picture above, taking at the top of one of the trails.

Stephen has adapted TEAM-CBT to the treatment of substance abuse.  He has expertise working with adolescents and young adults, and also focuses on addiction problems in the workplace. Stephen was recently interviewed as a guest on NPR. His approach is fresh and new. I know you will like Stephen and enjoy the show!

Next week, (April 15) Dr. Jill Levitt, and likely Mike Christensen, will return for the live David and Jill Show on FB at 3 PM. I don’t yet know our agenda, but will let you know before air time. So stay tuned!


David’s FB Broadcast on Addictions has been Rescheduled for April 8, 2018

David’s FB Broadcast on Addictions has been Rescheduled for April 8, 2018

David’s Live FB Broadcast on Addictions with special guest, Stephen Pfleiderer, founder of SF Intervention, has been rescheduled for April 8, 2018, at 3 PM due to David’s sore throat

Hi all!

Due to my sore throat today, and laryngitis, Stephen and I have rescheduled our live FB Broadcast on new treatments for addictions on April 8, 2018. There will be no show today.

Next week, Jill will return for the live David and Jill Show on FB at 3 PM for an additional discussion of rapid, drug-free treatment techniques for OCD and other anxiety disorders.


David and Jill Show Report plus Upcoming Shows

David and Jill Show Report plus Upcoming Shows

Watch David’s Live FB Broadcast on Addictions on March, 25, 2018,
with special guest, Stephen Pfleiderer, founder of SF Intervention

Hi all!

You can still catch yesterday’s David and Jill Show #4 on the treatment of sexual obsessions and insecurities with guest Mike Christensen. From the early results, it looks like we may have a large audience again. We ran out of time, and could not present the extremely rich menu of powerful interventions for OCD. We may do OCD, part 2, in two weeks, as both David and Jill have much more to share with you on this topic! Yesterday, we barely scratched the surface.

This coming Sunday (March 25th), David will have special guest Stephen Pfleiderer (from SF Intervention) starting at 3 PM, as usual. David and Stephen will discuss the treatment of mild to severe addictions. Stephen has created his own approach to addictions, based in part on TEAM-CBT. I think you’ll find him refreshing! We are hoping that Mike Christensen can join us again, too.

Dr. Jill Levitt will skip next week as she is competing in a grueling fitness race. The David and Show #3 has set a new record of more than 2 thousand viewers in the first week alone. You can still watch it! Yesterday’s show may do as well.

The Feeling Good Podcast last Monday (March 12, 2018)–live therapy with Daisy–also drew exceptionally well and was enthusiastically received, with tons of positive comments, mainly praise and appreciation for Daisy and her courage and strong voice. In fact, this month it looks like we will set a new record with more than 40,000 downloads of the Feeling Good Podcasts! Thank you, Daisy and Zane, as well as all of you for your warm and enthusiastic support!

During the session with Daisy, we addressed the question, “What’s the secret of a meaningful life?” We also discuss the empowerment of women, and the intimidating messages women often hear from society, and from families when growing up. Make sure you catch it if you have not listened yet!

Also, remember to register for the one-day David and Jill workshop on Sunday, May 20, 2018. It’s for mental health professionals. You’ll have a chance to learn the latest TEAM-CBT techniques and work on your own insecurities and feelings of self-doubt as well. We promise to bring roughly 60% of the audience into a state of joyous enlightenment, so don’t miss it!


Advanced, High-Speed TEAM-CBT for the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety:
A Workshop for Therapists with Drs. David Burns and Jill Levitt


063:  Ask David. What’s So Great about Hopelessness or an Addiction? What Does it Take to Be a Worthwhile Human Being?

063: Ask David. What’s So Great about Hopelessness or an Addiction? What Does it Take to Be a Worthwhile Human Being?

Is there anything positive about hopelessness or an addiction ? What does it take to be a “worthwhile” human being, or to have a valuable life?

In today’s podcast, David and Fabrice address three questions submitted by listeners:

  1. Avi asks another great question about the importance of Positive Reframing in TEAM-CBT. But how can we possibly find something positive in the feeling of hopelessness. After all, Dr. Aaron Beck has taught us that it’s the worst emotion of all!
  2. Avi asks a similar question about an addiction. How can an addiction possibly be a good thing?
  3. Eugene asks a tremendous question about a passage in Dr. Burns’ book, Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, on the topic of what it means to be a worthwhile human being, and what it takes to make a life valuable. Eugene hints that Dr. Burns may have the wrong idea, and asks what he would say to a patient who doesn’t “cry uncle!”

David and Fabrice love your questions so keep them coming!

Fabrice and I hope you enjoy our Podcasts, and also hope you can leave some positive comments for us and some five star ratings if you like what we’re doing!


At least one listener has had problems leaving an iTunes review from his i-phone, so Fabrice has created some simple to follow instructions if you need help.