Attend the TEAM-CBT World Congress In Warsaw this Week!

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Register for the second awesome

TEAM-CBT intensive in Warsaw, Poland!

March 30 (Thursday) to

April 2 (Sunday), 2023

It will be a four-day TEAM-CBT Intensive

For more information or registration

CLICK HERE! (English) 

or HERE! (Polish)

This year, I will present a keynote address on Thursday on the Whys, Hows, and Whats of TEAM-CBT. I will also present the results of the first controlled outcome study of the new Feeling Good App, which features automated / digital TEAM-CBT.

On Friday, I will do a live TEAM-CBT demonstration with my beloved and brilliant co-therapist, Dr. Jill Levitt! Jill and I will be presenting virtually, but Drs. Rhonda Barovsky, Leigh Harrington, and Heather Clague, and many other fine teachers will be there in person!

Check the registration / information link

for the exciting details including

how to apply TEAM CBT in business!

Hope to see you this week in Warsaw!


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