325: The Finding Humans Less Scary Marathon! Featuring Dr. Jacob Towery and Michael Luo

Curing YOUR Social Anxiety—

The Ridiculously Cheap and Awesome

Shame-Attacking Marathon

Jacob Towery, MD

Michael Luo

Today, we are joined by Dr. Jacob Towery and Michael Luo to promote their  upcoming, two-day Social Anxiety Marathon.

Jacob Towery, MD is an adolescent and adult psychiatrist and therapist in private practice in Palo Alto, California.  Michael Luo is a fourth year medical student at the Chicago Medical School.

More on them at the end of the show notes, but here’s the scoop. Jacob and Michael will be offering a mind-blowing, two-day marathon for anyone who struggles with social anxiety, which includes shyness, public speaking anxiety, and performance anxiety. They will both be present, along with more than ten experts in TEAM-CBT, coaching participants in the latest tools for quickly overcoming all social anxiety.

And here’s the amazing thing. You can come and attend, and transform your life, for only a $20 donation to one of their four listed amazing charities.

For information / registration, click here

How cool is that? Don’t pass this up. It will be an in-person, hands-on training experience designed to free you from the fears that narrow your life. You will learn and participate in cognitive therapy exercises, identifying and smashing the distorted thoughts that trigger social anxiety, as well as the Self-Defeating Beliefs that trigger social anxiety like the Spotlight and Brushfire Fallacies, the Approval Addiction, and more.

They will also illustrate and lead you in a wide variety of Interpersonal Exposure Techniques, including Smile and Hello Practice, Self-Disclosure (which Michael demonstrates in real time on today’s show), Rejection Practice, Flirting Training, Shame Attacking Exercises, and more.

David claims that Jacob is likely the world’s top expert in Shame Attacking Exercises, and we illustrate several on the podcast. Rhonda described a Shame Attacking Exercise that I challenged her with. It was incredibly terrifying, but turned out really well!

David also described the impact of self-disclosure on a wealthy and powerful businessman he treated who was so insecure that he was even terrified to be around his wife and children.

People who are socially anxious nearly always try hard to hide their negative feelings out of a sense of shame, so others, even friends and family and colleagues, typically aren’t aware of how they feel inside. Michael courageously discloses his own negative thoughts that triggered feelings of social anxiety at being around Jacob, his mentor.

  1. Maybe I’ll make a mistake.

  2. I might be wasting Jacob’s time.

  3. Then he might not want to mentor me.

These thoughts caused feelings of loneliness and shame. I felt much closer to Michael when he disclose these feelings. Jacob added that he was totally unaware that Michael had been struggling with these thoughts and feelings.

The treatment of social anxiety is profoundly serious, because we are involved in changing the lives of people who are suffering and lonely and inhibited, but the treatment can also be fun, hilarious and of course, enlightening.

Michael wraps up the show by describing the transformation this training has had on his own life.

If you wish to attend, act rapidly because space is limited and will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. I hope you can attend, and make sure you let Rhonda and David know about your experiences!

Thanks for listening today!

Rhonda, Jacob, Michael, and David

More about Jacob Towery. Jacob attended Duke University for his undergraduate studies, University of Virginia for medical school, and Stanford for his residency in adult psychiatry and fellowship in adolescent psychiatry.

He currently serves on the Adjunct Faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine and is the author of The Anti-Depressant Book: a practical guide for teens and young adults to overcome depression, and stay healthy.  He is also a freelance writer for The NY Times.

He enjoys seeing patients, snowboarding, scuba diving, traveling, reading fantasy novels, meditating, spending quality time with other humans, making gratuitously long lists, and writing about himself in the third person.

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