Free Bonus 4-Hour CE Workshop on Friday!

Free CE Workshop

this Friday, May 6th, from 9am-1pm PST,

for all who register for

David Burns Live (May 22) before Friday!


You will also earn additional

TEAM-CBT certification credits.

Hi Everyone,

David Burns Live is Coming Soon!

For Shrinks AND the General Public

Featuring the Dynamic Duo,

David Burns, MD and Jill Levitt, PhD


Sunday, May 22, 2022

8:30am-4:30pm PST

$135, 7 CE Units* (for May 22)

PLUS 4 CE Units for the May 6 Workshop

featuring Kyle Jones and Kevin Cornelius

Two workshops for the price of one!

Register Here

All are Welcome!

The registration process should have answers to any questions you have.

If still unclear, contact Jill Levitt, Ph.D. <>

Here’s what people said about the last workshop with Jill and David:

“The workshop was fabulous!”

“Great Training! I left feeling energized and touched.”

“…incredible live demos.”

We hope to see you there!

Can’t attend live? A video of the

workshop will be sent to all who register.

You will LOVE this workshop and have fun while you learn!

Jill and I hope you can join us!

* * * 

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The kindle and audio versions are now available too! 

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