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Exciting Results of Latest Beta Test

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Dear Friend,

The results are in. In the last several weeks we have completed another beta test with 40 participants to see if the amazing results of our recent test with 140 users were valid. We confirmed and extended those results. The one day test indicated a reduction in depression and all seven negative feelings, and a happiness boost, of 70% or greater. These results clearly surpass human therapy as well as antidepressant medications by a large margin.


We’re about to embark on a new version of the app that will require an initial full day commitment followed by a short lesson per day of roughly three weeks. This will be a “deeper dive” for users and we’re super excited to see what the results are! If you, or someone you know, sometimes struggles with feelings of depression, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, loneliness or self-doubt, we’d love to have you join us!

One of our hypotheses focusses on STAYING in shape emotionally once you’ve GOTTEN IN SHAPE. We also have new modules on Relapse Prevention Training as well as a number of new techniques. In four to six weeks, we will start yet another beta, so you’ll have plenty of chances to be included if you’re interested.

This is NOT treatment, but self-help, and therapists as well as the general public are invited.

Right now, you must have access to an iPhone. In the future, or, possibly, in the past, we plan to expand to other media. 🙂

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We have some new and jaw-dropping basic science discoveries, too, but more on that later! More on that soon in a podcast.

If interested, move rapidly because Uncle Sam (or the Big Poobah) needs you NOW, as we’re about to start.


David Burns, MD


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