Four Free December Talks by David, Hosted by Rhonda!

Join the Grateful Dead!

Four Free December Talks by David

For Therapists and the General Public


This month, I’ll be giving four short free talks sponsored by PESI on the four “Great Deaths” of the self that correspond to recovery from depression, anxiety disorders, relationship problems, and habits and addictions. Each talk will be 15 to 20 minutes long and will be hosted by Dr. Rhonda Barovsky.

Each talk will begin at 11 AM PST. Here are the dates:

1.     Wednesday, December 1, 2021: Recovery from Depression: The death of the “Special Self.” Here are the links for the first talk:




2.     Wednesday, December 8, 2021: Recovery from Anxiety: The death of the “Fearful Self.”

3.     Wednesday, December 15, 2021: Developing more loving relationships: The death of the “Angry, Blaming Self.”

4.     Wednesday, December 22, 2021: Recovery from Habits and Addictions: The death of the “Entitled, Pleasure-Seeking Self.”

If you can’t join me live at 11 AM PST, check out the links afterward and you’ll still be able to get the free content!

These talks are based on Chapter 27, “How to Join the Grateful Dead! ” from my latest book, Feeling Great!

What’s YOUR Secret Habit / Addiction?

FREE two-hour January Workshop!

Also, on Wednesday, January 26, 2022,  I’m offering a free two-hour workshop with PESI on the treatment of habits and addictions, which will build on the fourth free talk. You’ll have the chance to use some powerful tools to defeat your own secret habit or addiction.

What is it? Binge eating? Procrastination? Drinking? Nail-biting? Drugs? Are you a Shop-a-Holic?

You’ll learn and practice some incredibly powerful new techniques that can free you from your addiction, including the Triple Paradox, the Devil’s Advocate Technique, and more.

I’ll be sending out the registration link, so keep posted!

This workshop is also totally FREE and is for EVERYBODY!

Hosted by Dr. Rhonda Barovsky

If you cannot attend the live January presentation, please register once you get the link and you will receive access to the video so you can watch whenever you like.

I hope you can join us!


* * * 

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