Rocket Fuel for Your Clinical Practice!

Ten Cognitive Therapy Role-Playing Techniques:
Rapid Change at the Gut Level

Sunday October 3rd, 2021

8:30am – 4:30pm PST (11:30am – 7:30pm EST)

7 CE Units* $135

If you’ve ever been to a David and Jill workshop, or to one of my intensives, you’ve undoubtedly seen the remarkably rapid recovery of the patients in the live TEAM-CBT demonstrations. In this all-new workshop, you will learn how to use the same powerful techniques so you can bring rapid and profound change to your patients as well.

There’s a double benefit. Not only will your patients recover more rapidly, but your clinical work will be way more rewarding for you as well. One of the high spots in our lives is witnessing profound changes in our patients during therapy sessions.

One of the most important keys to change is the use of dynamic CBT role-playing techniques that work at the gut level to crush the negative thoughts that cause depression and anxiety. We will illustrate ten of the most powerful techniques and give you the chance to practice several of them in small groups, with mentoring, so you can polish and refine your skills.

The techniques you will learn include:

  • The Externalization of Resistance

  • The Externalization of Voices with

    • Self-Defense Strategies

    • The Acceptance Paradox

    • The CAT (Counter-Attack Technique)

  • The Straightforward and Paradoxical Double Standard Techniques

  • Four Feared Fantasy Techniques

    • High School Reunion

    • “I judge you!”

    • “No” Practice!

    • Rejection Feared Fantasy

  • The Devil’s Advocate Technique

  • The Forced Empathy Technique

A team of expert trainers will be with you online in your breakout groups, answering your questions and providing helpful feedback while you practice.

This will be a live-streamed,
online workshop for therapists.

Registration will be strictly limited.

Don’t wait too long and end up disappointed!

Register Now!

A team of trainers will be online with you in your breakout groups, answering your questions and helping you practice these powerful CBT techniques throughout the day.

Sponsored by the Feeling Good Institute in Mountain View, California

* * * 

This workshop will be limited to mental health professionals

and graduate students in some branch of mental health.

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