YES! It WILL be Recorded!

Many of you have asked if the upcoming FREE anxiety workshop will be recorded for future viewing. The answer YES! But you must register (no charge) in order to get access to the video of my presentation. Thanks! David

Coming Soon! 

 Jun 03, 2021 – 12:00 PM to 01:30 PM CDT

10 AM to 11:30 AM West Coast Time

Rapid Recovery from
Anxiety Disorders in Real Time

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In this workshop, I will show you, and your patients, how to achieve rapid and lasting recovery from:

  • terrifying panic attacks

  • crippling social anxiety

  • phobias

  • OCD

  • and more.

You will learn how to:

  • use powerful techniques that have transformed lives quickly

  • use a broad range of treatment models and methods

  • individualize the treatment for each patient (this is TEAM-CBT and NOT “manualized” therapy)

  • avoid the “reverse hypnosis” that sabotages the treatment of anxiety.

As a special bonus, you can participate in a dynamic Q&A session following the talk, and talk directly to a courageous and inspiring woman I treated for OCD. She will be with us live to answer your questions about her life-changing experience with TEAM-CBT.

Nearly everyone has struggled with anxiety, including me. When I wrote my anxiety book, When Panic Attacks, I realized that I have personally experienced 17 different anxiety “disorders,” including crippling public speaking anxiety, the fear of heights, bees, dogs, vomiting, and more. I even dropped out of medical school for a full year on two occasions due to my fear of blood, which I’d had since childhood.

That’s why I LOVE treating anxiety. No matter what you’ve got, I can say, “I know how much that sucks, because I’ve been there myself. And it’s going to be a tremendous joy to show you the way out of the woods when you’re feeling lost and terrified!”

David Burns, MD

This presentation is for everyone, including you,

and will NOT be limited to mental health professionals.

Register Now! Totally free!

This is the cover of my new book, Feeling Great.

The kindle and audio versions are now available too!