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Rhonda has been featuring TEAM therapists on podcasts who are doing creative things with TEAM. In today’s blog, I’m announcing a new creation by one of our most creative TEAM therapists, and you can get in on the group floor. Once the new groups are in full swing, we’ll invite Brandon to tell us all about it on a Feeling Good Podcast!

Finally we have something cool for general citizens, and not just therapists! My brilliant and incredibly warm colleague, Dr. Brandon Vance, is creating something new and awesome that might interest you–the new Feeling Great Book Club. Here are the details! I’ve been wanting to offer more groups for the general public, and this is a bold first step. If it’s successful, and I’m sure it will be, I predict that more exciting opportunities for the general public will emerge.

Thanks, Brandon, for this pioneering and exciting opportunity for folks who want to Feel GREAT! David

Hi David,

This is a book club for anyone in the world reading Feeling Great.  This is NOT a treatment group, and NOT oriented towards therapists.  Rather, it will be a support group for anyone interested in the information David’s new book. Join us, and you can ask questions and share your thinking each week. The details are being finalized, but currently I’m planning two groups on Wednesdays starting March 17th. One group will start at 9 am Pacific time which will allow people in the UK to join at 5 pm, those in South Africa and Israel to join at 7 pm and people in India to join at 10:30 pm.

The other group will start at 5 pm Pacific Time, which will be 12 pm Thursdays in Australia and 2 pm Thursdays in New Zealand.

Both groups will run for 16 weeks and will cost only $8 per session. Also, no one will be turned away for lack of financial resources. Please contact me at for details and to register. 

Thanks! Brandon

Brandon Vance, MD is a level 4 TEAM therapist and trainer in Oakland CA, USA. You can learn more about Brandon in the webpage for Rhonda’s new Feeling Great Treatment Center in Berkeley, California: If you look, you’ll see that Brandon is joined by a wonderful group of therapists, some of whom have been / will be featured on Feeling Good Podcasts!


This is the cover of my new book, Feeling Great. The kindle and audio versions are available now, too!

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