227: Echoes of Enlightenment

Many of you will recall one of our most popular and amazing podcasts of all, the recording of the live therapy with Michael at the Atlanta intensive last year. In today’s recording, which was recorded for a different purpose, Dr. Michael recalls his entire experience that day, with many teaching points. Although I was AT the Atlanta intensive doing the therapy, with the help of my co-therapist, Thai-An Truong, I was fascinated and enlightened by this interviews because:

  1. Michael was incredibly warm, genuine and openness.
  2. The summary shows clearly and exactly how TEAM therapy works.
  3. He recounts not only his recovery, but also how was unexpectedly catapulted into what, by my understanding, is best described as “enlightenment.” Or something awfully darn close to it!
  4. He reminds us that even after one has recovered and experienced “enlightenment,” we are still human and never immune to the occasional return of negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, which are now, for Michael, short-lived!

I just got Rhonda’s response after she listened to this recording for the first time. Here’s what she said:

I forgot to tell you that I listened to the 30-minute recording of Michael’s reflections and I loved it. I think it would be a great podcast. He did a wonderful job summarizing the work, and how it impacted him at various stages. I liked how he included his skepticism and his awe in recovery.


Rhonda and David

PS Rhonda and I are convinced that successful personal work is a necessary part of therapist training. When you’ve done your own work, you are no longer just a “technician,” but a healer, because you can tell your patients,

“I know you feel because I’ve been there myself, and I know how painful and lonely that can be. And I’m really excited to show you the way out of the woods, too, so you can get back to feelings of joy and self-esteem, so you can wake up in the morning and say that’s it’s GREAT to be alive!”

Michael Greenwald, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Woodland Hills, CA. He uses TEAM-CBT to treat adults with depression and anxiety, as well as other presenting problems. He can be contacted at, or 310-828-1809.


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