News Flash: Feeling Great Now on Audio / Exciting New Workshop on Self-Defeating Beliefs!

Dear colleagues and friends,

Good news! Feeling Great is now available on audio. Here are some links:




I am also excited about my upcoming workshop with Jill Levitt, PhD, on changing Self-Defeating Beliefs, like Perfectionism, the Achievement, Love and Approval Addictions, Submissiveness and more will be on February 28, 2021. You will learn how to help your patients / clients as well as yourselves!

Sadly, this workshop is limited to health or mental health professionals, including coaches, counselors, psychologists, physicians, nurses, and so forth. 7 CE credits will be awarded.

Check it out at this link:

Defeat the Beliefs that Defeat You –
And Your Patients!
Learn to Identify and
Modify Self-Defeating Beliefs

Hope to see you there!


You can reach Dr. Burns at

This is the cover of my new book, Feeling Great. The kindle and audio versions are available now, too!

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