The Big Day is Approaching!

Dear friends,

Tuesday’s the day Feeling Great will be officially released on Amazon! I want to thank you for your support, which has kept Feeling Great consistently on the top of the “about to be released” best-seller categories at Amazon in the depression and anxiety categories. The publisher is already sold out, and has ordered a second large printing of hard bound copies.

The book is the culmination of my efforts to create faster and more effective treatments for depression and anxiety. The measure of success, for me, will be whether the new book will be helpful to individuals who are struggling with feelings of unhappiness and self-doubt, as well as therapists who are looking for new and more effective treatment techniques.

After I wrote Feeling Good, I had no idea if it would be helpful to anyone. Several weeks after it was released, I got a call from a medical student in Washington, DC, who said it had been really helpful for him, and he had a couple questions. I was so excited I kept him on the phone for more than two hours and gave him a free therapy session. I’ll be just as excited to hear from the first person who says that Feeling Great helped him or her as well!

If you have friends or colleagues who might benefit from a little mental tune-up, please send them this link. I am not an expert in marketing, but I do know that word of mouth has always been my main marketing tool, so you can definitely help, and perhaps change or even save the life of someone you care about, or someone you don’t even know!



PS Some of you could not find links to your invitation to the event at Book Passages in San Francisco Tuesday from 4 to 5:30 West Coast time (7 to 8:30 East Coast time), I apologize, the links were in the pictures, but sometimes the pictures do not automatically appear. Here are the links again:

  1. To register (free)
  2. Description of the event


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