An Invite for You!

Dear friends,


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support.


I’d like to invite you to a virtual event next Tuesday, Sept 15th, at 4 PM (West Coast Time) at Book Passage, a famous San Francisco bookstore, to celebrate the official release of Feeling Great! Rhonda, my podcast hostess, will ask me a few questions, and then we’ll open it up for general Q and A.

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Feeling Great emerged from 40 years of research on how psychotherapy actually works, and more than 40,000 therapy sessions with individuals struggling with depression and anxiety. The book includes upgrades for all of the cognitive therapy techniques in my first book, Feeling Good, as well as powerful new techniques that open the door to ultra-rapid recovery.

The techniques in Feeling Great should be helpful to individuals who are struggling with mild or severe mood problems as well as therapists who want to learn how to use these new techniques.


Hope to see you there!





You owe it to yourself to FEEL GREAT!


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