Feeling Great!


You can now pre-order my new book, Feeling Great, on Amazon!

Here’s why I’m excited about it:

  • It contains the new, powerful TEAM-CBT techniques, in print for the first time.
  • TEAM techniques can lead to shockingly rapid recovery from depression and anxiety disorders. In fact, in my own recent treatment of 40 consecutive, severely depressed and anxious trauma victims, 90% experienced a complete or near-complete elimination of depression and anxiety in a single, two-hour therapy session.
  • The techniques work for individuals with severe mood problems as well as those who just need a little mental “tune up.”
  • This is not just another cognitive therapy book, but a refreshing and different approach.
  • You’ll learn that depression and anxiety are not the result of what’s WRONG with you, but the expression of what’s most beautiful and awesome about you and your core values as a human being!

You’ve heard about TEAM in my podcasts—now you can take a much deeper dive and learn how to use these fantastic techniques to help yourself and your clients!

David D. Burns, MD

P.S. Here are some kind words by a few colleagues who have reviewed Feeling Great:

BRILLIANT AND POWERFUL!!! This book is pure gold and a breath of fresh air that provides hope and tools to achieve joy and enlightenment. Dr. Burns conveys the message that your suffering as well as your negative thoughts and feelings are not symptoms of mental disorder but instead are the expression of what is most awesome and beautiful about you. — Sara Verduzco Shane, LMFT

The techniques in this book changed my life! I struggled with months for depression, and these techniques turned it around for me far faster than I ever thought possible. Everybody in the United States should learn these life-changing techniques! – Jeremy Karmel

This latest work of Dr. Burns is absolutely groundbreaking! As a therapist in private practice now regularly utilizing these methods, I am witnessing my patients improve in lasting ways, and at a faster rate than ever before! Dr. Burns is a genius, and this latest work is a true gift to all. — Sarah Lionetti Hester, LMFT

Nothing short of amazing! Rapid, effective, drug-free treatment for anxiety and depression has never been so accessible as it is now in Feeling Great. This book actually achieves the ambitious goal of making extremely powerful and effective therapy available, accessible and usable to the general public. — Dr. Michael D. Greenwald, Ph.D.


Feeling Great will be released in September of 2020, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon! If you pre-order it, this will help greatly in the ratings the day actually released.


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