Corona Survey: How are You Feeling Now?

Dear friend / colleague,

Along with a colleague, Dr. Diane Schiano, I am conducting a brief survey to find out how people are feeling now in comparison with how they were feeling prior to the corona pandemic. It is an informal survey, not a strictly scientific study, but it could provide some interesting and useful information that I’ll report in a future Feeling Good Podcast as well as a blog.

Are you feeling more depressed, anxious, discouraged, or angry because of the pandemic? Have you experienced a drop in happiness or satisfaction in your relationships with friends and loved ones?

And if so, how large are the changes?

If you’re interested in participating, fill out our survey anonymously at this link, and stay tuned in for the results! Your data will be pooled with the data from many other individuals, and no personal identifying information about you will be solicited or stored.


David Burns, MD

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