More On Beating The High Cost of Therapy

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Recently I posted on the high cost of therapy. Today I’m expanding on that theme. This will be a partial repeat plus some new options for individuals with modest resources.

Here are several options for affordable therapy that may help:

SF Bay Area

I am pleased that the Feeling Good Institute has created a low fee clinic, and I’ve referred some tremendously talented therapists to them. One of the stars is Kevin Cornelius AMFT. He’s been training in my Tuesday evening training group at Stanford for a year or more and was fantastic from the start.

Kevin combines tremendous compassion with state-of-the-art TEAM-CBT techniques. He grasps and implements this new approach with tremendous skill. His hourly fee is $95, and he prefers to work in double sessions, which often speeds recovery and reduces the cost of treatment. He’s supervised by TEAM-CBT trainer, Angela Krumm, PhD.



There are many outstanding clinicians at the FGI, but I always think of Kevin first. If you have a friend or loved one who needs excellent treatment at an affordable rate, you can reach out to Kevin. You might also want to think of him for folks from out of town who need “intensives:” multiple sessions in just a day or two with the goal of completing treatment for depression or anxiety disorders quickly. Of course, this is not always possible, but it happens frequently. You can learn about intensives at FGI.

You will note that there are several outstanding clinicians in their low fee / modest fee clinics.

I have no affiliation with the FGI, and receive no financial compensation from them, or from anyone in private practice, or from any corporate sources, either. I support the clinicians at the FGI because of the work they’re doing in therapy and the terrific therapist training the offer as well!


I would like to add that if you are a therapist or graduate student in some branch of therapy in the Bay Area, my 2.5 hour Tuesday evening TEAM-CBT training groups at Stanford are totally free. We offer unlimited free personal work as well, in the event that you sometimes struggle with feelings in inadequacy or self-doubt.

If interested, contact Alisha Beal. However, you are required to attend consistently, do homework between training sessions, and use the Brief Mood Survey with all your patients.



If you are looking for training, you might also enjoy my free, weekly Feeling Good Podcasts or one of my paid workshops, which are listed at (Also, see below for my May workshop with Dr. Jill Levitt.) This year, my summer South SF intensive will be on the Five Secrets of Effective Communication, a hugely important and highly challenging topic.


Here’s an option in the Stockton area. Sara Shane is also a highly esteemed member of my Tuesday training group at Stanford. You may remember her from a recent Feeling Good Podcast on high-speed treatment of OCD last October, which was tremendously well-received.

Here is a remarkable email I just got from Sara:

Hi David,

Just wanted to thank you for the gift of TEAM. I just finished doing an intensive with a young woman, 20 years old, with severe depression and anxiety and her recovery was miraculous. She went from feeling extremely depressed and anxious (scores of 19 on depression and 20 on anxiety) at the beginning of session to scores of zero, on both, at the end of session.

The recovery was amazing! I had never achieved that level of recovery so quickly with the modality I had been using in the past, granted I was primarily working with children.

Unfortunately, the intensive was not as short as I would have liked. On the other hand, I’m still learning, and I’d rather not rush things. In any case, it was worth it every minute I worked with this client. The whole session was extremely regarding. By the way, this was a pro bono client. Perhaps, why it was so well worth it.

The best payment was the words of my client at the end of session: “I don’t know how to say it…I feel so much lighter. I feel so content.”

And, this is why I’m so grateful to you—not only have you created this powerful healing modality but you have been so generous in teaching it to me and the rest of the world. One less suffering human being on earth thanks to you!


Sara Shane

If you are looking for therapy and live near Stockton, you can contact Sara at (209) 476-8867. Her fee is $125 per hour/session, but she also charges a flat fee of $375 for an intensive. So, you could go to Stockton for an intensive, even if you don’t live in the area. Told humbly told me this: “At this point, as I am polishing my skills, this can be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.”

IMG_2716 (002)


Sara offers sessions in English or Spanish. As an aside, many of the therapists in my Tuesday training group at Stanford, as well as the 1,000+ therapists in the TEAM certification program at the Feeling Good Institute in Mountain View, California, are bilingual.

Woodland Hills

Many of you will remember Dr. Michael Greenwaldwho was featured on a recent podcast (Social Anxiety Begone!). That podcast was also a huge hit.

Michael is totally delightful and is offering free TEAM-CBT training / practice groups in the Woodland Hills area. I am hoping that these groups will eventually evolve into a TEAM-CBT treatment and training center in the Los Angeles area. Michael also offers superb TEAM-CBT treatment and his fee range is $225 sliding to $90. You can contact him here.



Please note that if you are looking for treatment, you will find many additional options at the referral page of my website,!


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Coming up in May, 2020

The Cognitive Distortion Starter Kit:
How to Crush Negative Thoughts

TEAM-CBT includes more than 100 powerful techniques to change the distorted thoughts that trigger negative emotions. But what techniques should I select for my patient who feels depressed, anxious, or angry?

As you know, in my book, Feeling Good, I listed the ten most common cognitive distortions, like All-or-Nothing Thinking, Should Statements, Emotional Reasoning, and more, and you probably use that list all the time in your clinical work. But do you know which techniques work the best for each distortion?

Come to this workshop and find out! You’ll learn with tons of cool techniques you can use every day to boost your clinical effectiveness.

This workshop will be live-streamed (and in person in Palo Alto, CA) so you can join from anywhere in the world! There will be many expert online helpers to assist you with the small-group exercises.

Register EARLY if you want to come in person. The in person slots are very limited and always sell out well ahead of time.

There will be many helpers from the Feeling Good Institute to assist and guide you in the small group exercises in person and online as well.  Our last workshop on resistance in February was our most highly rated ever! We hope to make this a terrific and fun learning experience for you, too!

With Drs. David Burns and Jill Levitt

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