The High Cost of Therapy

Hi all,

One problem with Bay Area therapy is the high cost of living,  and the high cost of therapy. This can be a problem for many deserving people with limited means, and it bothers me!

I am pleased that the Feeling Good Institute has created a low fee clinic, and I’ve referred some tremendously talented therapists to them. One of the stars is Kevin Cornelius AMFT. He’s been training in my Tuesday evening training group at Stanford for a year or more and was fantastic from the start. He combines tremendous compassion with state-of-the-art TEAM-CBT techniques. He grasps and implements this new approach with tremendous skill. His hourly fee is $95, and he prefers to work in double sessions, which often speeds recovery and reduces the cost of treatment. He’s supervised by TEAM-CBT trainer, Angela Krumm, PhD.


There are many outstanding clinicians at the FGI, but I always think of Kevin first. If you have a friend or loved one who needs excellent treatment at an affordable rate, you can reach Kevin at You might also want to think of him for folks from out of town who need “intensives:” multiple sessions in just a day or two with the goal of completing treatment for depression or anxiety disorders quickly. Of course, this is not always possible, but it happens frequently. You can learn about intensives at FGI here:

I have no affiliation with the FGI, and receive no financial compensation from them. I support them because of the work they’re doing in therapy and TEAM-CBT therapist training they offer as well!

Thanks for listening!