The Awesome July Calgary Intensive is Right Around the Corner!

Dear colleague,

This year’s summer intensive in Calgary (or San Francisco) will be your chance to learn state-of-the-art TEAM-CBT techniques for the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, and habits and addictions.

TEAM-CBT has evolved from cutting-edge research on how psychotherapy actually works, and includes many radical treatment innovations. These include new ways to track patient progress (T = Testing), advanced E = Empathy techniques, powerful, new techniques to melt away the patient’s conscious and subconscious resistance (A = Paradoxical Agenda Setting), and more than 50 M = Methods to crush the demoralizing negative thoughts that cause depression and all of the anxiety disorders, as well as the positive, tempting thoughts that trigger habits and addictions, like binge eating, procrastination, and more.

On the morning of day 1, I will show an inspiring video of a single-session treatment of a woman struggling with post-traumatic stress so you can see exactly how these new techniques work. In the afternoon, I’ll show you how to transform therapeutic failure into success, even with angry, oppositional, relentlessly critical patients (as well as critical colleagues, friends and loved ones) using new, sophisticated empathy techniques. You’ll have the chance to practice and refine your skills in small group exercises with immediate feedback.

On the morning of day 2, I’ll do a live demonstration with a depressed or anxious volunteer from the group, along with my co-therapist, Mike Christensen, so you can see in real time how TEAM can trigger amazingly rapid changes in depression and anxiety. In the afternoon, I’ll show you how to bring Outcome and Process resistance to conscious awareness, as well as how to eliminate them quickly with resistance-busting tools that can revolutionize your clinical work.

On days 3 and 4, I’ll illustrate at least 25 methods to crush the thoughts that trigger depression, anxiety, and addictions. You’ll also learn how to pinpoint and modify the self-defeating beliefs that lead to mood and relationship problems, like perfectionism and the love addiction. At the end of the program, you’ll learn how to do Relapse Prevention Training for lasting results.

You’ll also have chances to do some of your own personal work, so you can leave the workshop on a high, feeling professionally and personally refreshed, with new tools and feelings of joy. Together, we’ll challenge the negative thoughts that sometimes trigger your own feelings of insecurity and self-doubt, like “I’m not good enough or smart enough,” or “I’m a fraud.”

My annual Canadian intensives have been peak experiences pretty much every year for the past ten years or more, and I’m incredibly indebted to Jack Hirose for giving me so many wonderful opportunities to teach in Canada, which I absolutely love. I’m also thrilled that I’ll be joined again by the brilliant and wonderful Mike Christiansen, who is a dear friend and one of Canada’s leading experts in TEAM-CBT.

And here’s one of the best parts. Since there are no evening sessions, I will offer optional evening hikes, followed by dinner, for those of you who want some extra time, attention, and exercise during the intensive. On the hikes you can do personal work, ask questions, do difficult case consultations, and practice the techniques that interest you the most.

And, here’s something else that’s totally cool. Our special guest on the hike on the evening of day 1 will be the woman you’ll “meet” in the video in the morning of day 1, along with her husband. So, you’ll have chances to ask questions and to get some follow-up data several years after the actual session you will witness on the video.

People have sometimes told me, “Oh, your live demos couldn’t possibly be real. They have to be fake. People simply cannot recover that fast! And even if they do, the results can’t last.” Well, here’s your chance to find out!

I hope you can join us this year! I know that a four-day intensive is a huge investment of your time, money, and energy, but the personal and professional payoff can be tremendous. I suspect we may cry a bit together, and I know that we’ll laugh a lot together. Laughter can be SO healing!

And you can be certain that I’ll do everything I can to make this one of the finest and most exhilarating training experiences of your career!

July 15 is coming soon, so register now!

High-Speed Treatment of Depression
and Anxiety Disorders

A Four-Day TEAM-CBT Advanced Intensive

with David Burns, MD

July 15 – 18, 2019

Calgary, Canada four-day intensive

Registration and Details

CE credit and TEAM-CBT Certification
will be available!

If you can’t join me in Calgary, I will be offering two US intensives this year. Check them out below!

David Burns, MD

High-Speed Treatment of Depression
and Anxiety Disorders

A Four-Day TEAM-CBT Advanced Intensive

with David Burns, MD

S. San Francisco, July 29 – August 1,2019

and Atlanta, November 4 – 7, 2019

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32 hrs of CE credit
plus TEAM-CBT certification available