Podcast Survey for YOU!

Dear colleague,

If you are a podcast fan, please tell me a little about yourself on the survey below, so I can create podcasts that will be the most interesting you. My goal is to increase the quality of the Feeling Good Podcasts. With your help, the Feeling Good Podcast has grown from just a few hundred downloads per month to more than 75,000, and I want this healthy growth to continue!

I want to know if you are a therapist, a general citizen, and what kinds of podcast topics would interest you the most. I also want to know what you like the BEST and the LEAST about the Feeling Good Podcasts.

Finally, would love to know how you found out about the Feeling Good Podcasts.

Thank you so much for listening and supporting my efforts, as well as the efforts of my first podcast host, Dr. Fabrice Nye, and my new host, Dr. Rhonda Barovsky.


PS I am NOT trying to steal your personal information. I am elderly and rather techno-impaired, and would not even know what to do with it! However, I DO want to serve you better, and love creating podcasts for you! 

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