103: Ask David–How do you deal with harmful, intrusive memories . . . Is depression transmitted by the family?

How do you deal with intrusive thoughts about bullying or a cruel ex-lover?

How do you treat cyclothymic patients?

Where do distortions come from? And more . . .

Today we answer six questions submitted by listeners like you:

  1. Harald: How can I find the Show Notes for the Feeling Good Podcasts?
  2. Kristin: How do you help patients who obsess about past traumatic events, with intrusive thoughts about a cruel ex-lover or bullying by classmates? These thoughts can feed into the idea that their life is miserable and  they can’t move forward because they feel blocked by these harmful memories.
  3. Valentina: How are cognitive distortions, self-defeating beliefs, and feelings of depression transmitted? What you describe in your books seems to describe my mother’s behaviors when I was growing up? Could it be that depression is transmitted by the family?
  4. Alicia: How would you treat someone with cyclothymic disorder who cycles between euphoria and suicidal depression? He’s happy now, so how do I get him to fill out the Daily Mood Log?
  5. Kathy: I’m a big fan, and I have a question about “bibliotherapy.” What’s the best way to use your books and other materials to help yourself?
  6. Matthew: Do you ever use drugs in the treatment of depression? Are medications sometimes necessary or helpful?




12 thoughts on “103: Ask David–How do you deal with harmful, intrusive memories . . . Is depression transmitted by the family?

  1. Hi Matt, Not wanting to get tied down to deadlines, but happily and productively working on it, and not too far from the end. Then will submit to several publishers who have expressed an interest in it. Maybe a year? Not entirely sure. Thanks for the question and for you interest, which I appreciate! david

  2. Hi David,

    As usual great Podcast! I love that you are thinking about an app down the road. It would be a great way to get exposure to TEAM approach and the data you collect would be gold. I can imagine it would be chock full of exercises that folks could use and see their progress using the app. Kind of like the Feeling Good Handbook or Feeling Good in that you can measure your progress from when you started the app to when you were free of symptoms, etc.

    Keep up the great work and ‘Hi’ to Fabrice!


  3. Hi Great podcast as always.

    Fabrice instead of getting one person to tag all the podcasts for you, you could get the whole community to do it in multiple pieces and collate the pieces together. Crowd source style.

    Use a google form to setup a randomized survey/questionaire.

    Create the quesions you want answers for.

    eg. What topic was this podcast on? , Where there any sub topics?

    You can have multiple choice answers plus plain text etc.

    You can then create different questionaire sets, eg. one for each podcast that can be shown randomly to different people who visit the form link.

    You could set it up in one hour and i suspect the task will be completed much quicker and with greater accuracy due to everyone helping out.

    Let me know if you want help setting it up if you like the idea.

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