099: Nicole Bell’s Incredible Interview with Dr. David Burns

Behind His Brilliance: Critical Thinking

Lisa Nicole Bell is the host of the highly regarded podcast, Behind the Brilliance. In this lively interview, Nicole and David talk about

  • David’s path into the mental health field
  • the difficulties and rejections David faced getting his first book, Feeling Good, published
  • David’s advice to listeners interested in therapy
  • how he approaches perfectionism, depression, and anxiety with patients
  • the joys of a life free from the need to be special—
  • and much more!

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Nicole and hear more of her fantastic interviews! Lisa’s show delivers a smart and funny take on pursuing ambitions, designing a life, and living joyfully. Lisa’s most recent media work includes producing an Australian documentary on identity and gender politics within sports and a digital docu-series produced by Academy Award-winning actress Viola Davis.

4 thoughts on “099: Nicole Bell’s Incredible Interview with Dr. David Burns

  1. Hi David,

    Really enjoyed the Podcast and how you overcame many challenges to get your book published. I love the fact that you require measurement before and after every session as well as homework. Hope you and your great work will continue to take your field out of the Dark Ages. I suspect you won’t have much difficulty publishing Feeling Great!



  2. Hello Dr. Burns, Thank you for your down to earth practical and usable techniques,
    I just started reading When panic attacks after I heard some of your podcasts.
    I have been diagnosed with GAD right now( I have been through OCD and panic attacks successfully mostly with behavioral model.)
    Reading your book to half was a break through for me in anxiety management.
    Paradoxical agenda setting is a brilliant one, It helped me a lot to figure out my hidden emotions and resistance that rendered cognitive model’s techniques ineffective for me.
    Another move forward was defining terms that is letting me bust my severe labelings like:
    – I’m incapable.
    – I’m stupid for not doing enough.
    – I’m stupid for having stress.

    Being specific is dope, it really reduce my stress, I figured out it was because my negative thinking was abstract.

    Yet I have problem with cracking magical thinking that blame will help me succeed, and having stress would save me from harm and purposelessness.
    Do you have any suggestion about that?

    • Cannot treat in this medium, but you could list all the advantages of blame as well as magical thinking and then ask yourself, “Given all those benefits, why in the world would I want to give that up?!” d

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