Tune in to the Shouldy Show with David and Jill on Sunday!

Watch the David and Jill Facebook Show
this Sunday, July 22nd, 2018, 3 PM Pacific Time

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I hope you can join Dr. Levitt and myself live on Sunday for our Shouldy Show! We will show you how to combat Should Statements directed at yourself and others. Should Statements are probably the “stickiest” of all ten cognitive distortions, and great teachers for the past 2,500 years have tried to help humans free themselves from the “tyranny of the shoulds.” Jill and I will discuss the damage from Shoulds and how to defeat them!

I’m attaching the outline of the show, so click here and take a look if you want a little preview!

If you attend live, you can ask questions and be a part of the show. However, all the shows are recorded so you can tune in anytime on my Public FB page!

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2 thoughts on “Tune in to the Shouldy Show with David and Jill on Sunday!

  1. Hi David and Jill,

    Thanks for sharing the outline; should be a great show and I hope I can listen live. If you have time, I’d love to have more explanation about what Hidden Shoulds
    are and what are the componants that
    make up a Hidden Should.

    Keep up the great work!

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