David and Jill Show Returns! Intimacy Training, Part 3!

Sunday, July 1, 2018 at 3 PM PST.

The beloved and brilliant Dr. Jill Levitt will return this Sunday for Part 3 on Intimacy Training. You can join us live and participate in the dialogue or watch the recording anytime later on.

In our two previous FB Live broadcasts on Intimacy Training, Jill and I discussed how to receive criticism and how to give criticism.  This week, we will take a deeper dive into how to form warm, trusting relationships with others. We will address several questions from fans, including a man who asks about people who are prone to anxiety and afraid of confrontations, as well as a question from a woman who tends to get very self-critical when criticized. These are themes we can perhaps all identity with!

This will provide balance in our presentations on loving relationships. We’ve had three broadcasts on flirting and hustling with Angela Krumm, PhD and Kyle Jones, who were fabulous. These three broadcasts addressed the problem of how to flirt skillfully, how to find someone to date, and how to play the dating game to win–instead of getting rejected over and over.

This coming Sunday will be our third broadcast on the other side of the coin: once you’ve found someone to date, how do you develop meaningful, loving relationship with him or her? And how can we develop more satisfying relationships with friends and family members?

Mental health professionals, as well as our patients, and human beings in general, seem to have incredible difficulties resolving relationship conflicts. What can we do about this problem? Can it be solved? And if so, how?

If time permits, we will also address a question from a therapist who asked about the treatment of depression in a patient who does well and then gets episodically suicidal. What types of interventions should this therapist consider?

You can find our previous FB Live recordings, as well as the one this Sunday, on my public FB page.


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