094: 50 Methods in 50 Minutes! (Part 2)

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In today’s episode, David and Fabrice describe and discuss the remaining 26 techniques on David’s list of “Fifty Ways to Untwist Your Thinking.” They fall into the following categories:

  1. Uncovering Techniques
  2. Motivational Techniques
  3. Classical Exposure Techniques
  4. Cognitive Exposure Techniques
  5. Interpersonal Exposure Techniques
  6. Interpersonal Techniques

A podcast fan, Simin Osa, kindly did a time record of each of the techniques in this podcast. Thanks, Simin!!

Hi David 😊

Her for the second podcast notes:

No. 25. The uncovery technics/Individual Downward Arrow    1.00-3.50

No. 26. The interpersonal Downward Arrow    3.50-8.20

No. 27. What-if technique    8.20-10.55

No. 28. Hidden Emotion Techniquec    10.55-12.10

No. 29. Cost-Benefit Analysis    12.10–15.30

No. 30. The Devil’s advocate technique  15.30-18.10

No. 31. Stimulus Control    18.10-19.10

No. 32. Decision-Making Tool    19.10-22.35

No. 33. Daily Activity Schedule    22.35-24.06

No. 34. The pleasure-Predicting    24.06-26.15

No. 35. Other Anti-procrastination Techniques   26.15-28.15

No. 36. Gradual Exposure and Flooding    28.15-32.05

No. 37. Response Prevention    28.15-35.25

No. 38. Distraction    35.25-36.35

No. 39. Cognitive flooding    36.36-37.50

No. 40. Image Substitution    37.51-40.00

No. 41. Memory Rescripting    40.01-41.15

No. 42. Smile and Hello Practice    41.16-43.32

No. 43. Talk Show Host    43.32-46.00

No. 44. Self-Disclosure    46.01-47.02

No. 45. Flirting Training    47.03-49.35

No. 46. Rejection Practice    49.36-50.37

No. 47. Blame/Relationship Cost-Benefit Analysis    50.38-53.25

No. 48. Relationship Journal    53.25-56.40

No. 49. Five Secrets of Effective Communication    56.40-59.00

No. 50. One-Minute Drill    59.01-101.00

Hope you enjoy today’s podcast! We’ve got lots of good stuff coming up soon, including:

Do you have a “self?” Can your “self” be judged?

Why do people resist using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication? (a very exciting topic!)

Live therapy: David and Jill treat someone with a relationship problem.

So stay tuned! And please spread the word among your friends and colleagues if you like our show. We are trying hard to expand our audience. We are now seeing more than 50,000 downloads of our Feeling Good Podcasts every month, but would love to grow even larger. Feel free to share them with your friends.

In our next Feeling Good Podcast, we will show you how to use the Recovery Circle to select the most helpful techniques to challenge your own negative thoughts so that you’ll be Feeling Good!

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