094: 50 Methods in 50 Minutes! (Part 2)

Hi Everybody!

In today’s episode, David and Fabrice describe and discuss the remaining 26 techniques on David’s list of “Fifty Ways to Untwist Your Thinking.” They fall into the following categories:

  1. Uncovering Techniques
  2. Motivational Techniques
  3. Classical Exposure Techniques
  4. Cognitive Exposure Techniques
  5. Interpersonal Exposure Techniques
  6. Interpersonal Techniques

Hope you enjoy today’s podcast! We’ve got lots of good stuff coming up soon, including:

Do you have a “self?” Can your “self” be judged?

Why do people resist using the Five Secrets of Effective Communication? (a very exciting topic!)

Live therapy: David and Jill treat someone with a relationship problem.

So stay tuned! And please spread the word among your friends and colleagues if you like our show. We are trying hard to expand our audience. We are now seeing more than 50,000 downloads of our Feeling Good Podcasts every month, but would love to grow even larger. Feel free to share them with your friends.

In our next Feeling Good Podcast, we will show you how to use the Recovery Circle to select the most helpful techniques to challenge your own negative thoughts so that you’ll be Feeling Good!

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10 thoughts on “094: 50 Methods in 50 Minutes! (Part 2)

  1. Hey Dr. Burns and Fabrice! I really appreciate the podcasts, as they are a great complement to working with the books! Specifically, they add depth to some of the topics covered in the books, so that I can understand how to implement some of the techniques better!

    I was wondering if you might ever do a podcast on how to use the books to perform therapy at home on your own (for those that are on a budget constraint for working with someone)? Specifically, I really like “When Panic Attacks”, but I’m never sure which techniques to try, or whether I’m using them appropriately or not!

    Anyway, thanks for all that you do! I’m glad to see you pushing the mental health world into “enlightenment”!

    • Thanks, Matt, will try to address this in an Ask David podcast. In the meantime, the crucial thing is to do the written exercises while reading the books. David

  2. David and Fabrice,
    I loved the last two Podcasts as they were great at explaining the many techniques used to get you in a better mood and feeling great. It’s fun to try them and see if they work on crushing the negative thoughts or not. The best thing – as you mention in your writings – is when you get to a specific event that triggered the negative thought(s) is that you will always react in the same way – like the Fractal(?) Geometry example you gave. From there you can modify your thinking in a more positive manner. More importantly is that once you find the keys to the lock you can always use them to climb outta the hole. That is such a great confidence for folks and inspires hope when the bumps of life knock you around.
    Keep up the great work! Really looking forward to the Recovery Circle Podcast!


  3. David and Fabrice,
    Love your podcasts! I’ve been a silent listener for the last few months, slowly catching up. I’m on the middle of listening to this episode and what a surprise!!! Is Fabrice really from Corsica? My parents live there now and we’re about to go visit. What a cool confidence!
    Keep up the good work,

    • Yes! Fabrice IS from Corsica. I have forwarded you note to him! All the best, david PS Thanks for listening!

  4. Hey Dr. Burns, I didn’t know where to ask this, but I’ve been going through the Feeling Good Handbook (specifically the daily mood log section), and you mention the technique of projection (using a stick figure if you can figure out what’s bothering you). However, I’ve never heard you mention this technique in podcasts or other books. Is this still a useful technique? I’ll probably just try it anyway, but was wondering what your thoughts are on it! Thanks!

    • It’s an excellent technique but useful only in the unlikely event that you claim you don’t know what your negative thoughts are at some specific moment when you felt upset. I’ve only seen that a few times in my career, and then the stick figure technique worked like a charm. d

  5. Hi Dr. Burns, thank you for your podcasts. They are wonderful. I am not up to date yet. You mentioned a new book. I wanted to check if it was still in the works or out already?
    Thank you!

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